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Healthcare App Ideas – Top 10 Best App Ideas for Healthcare Startups

Even before the pandemic, the market for mobile health services was growing rapidly. According to a report by mHealth Times, the global mobile health market is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 33.5% between 2016-2021. You can expect that with the pandemic we will see the industry grow more than expected.

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It would not be wrong to say that now is the best time to enter this market. We have developed more than 10 healthcare apps and are constantly asked about different ideas so, we have decided to share the 10 best healthcare app ideas with our readers.

Who should read this article?

Hospitals and Health Centers: Those who wish to leverage technology to provide more efficient healthcare services and earn rewarding benefits.

Physicians and healthcare professionals: who want to improve the operational performance of their clinics and reach their patients anytime, anywhere.

mHealth Wearable Entrepreneurs: Find health app ideas to build their own health apps


The use of healthcare apps has increased patient engagement, which means more people can improve their health and well-being by following a healthy diet recommended by fitness experts, regular visits to the home. Doctor for check-ups and follow-up, as well as their medication schedule. . Focus on improving dating.

Today, healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered in terms of consultations, treatments and prescriptions.

Like any other industry, the healthcare industry is also in a race to reap the benefits of mobile technology. In fact, according to this survey, about 52% of people prefer smartphones to access health information such as prescription details and health diagnosis information. About 33% of healthcare professionals prefer to use smartphones to perform their tasks efficiently.

Currently, the health applications market has already reached $20 billion, and this research also indicates that the global mobile health market or health applications market will reach an industry of $59.15 billion by 2021.

Top 10 Ideas for Healthcare and Medical Apps

Medical apps, mHealth solutions and patient health applications are rapidly conquering the market. Along with the global increase in smartphone use, health apps or so-called mHealth solutions are doubling.

These mobile apps for healthcare facilities help your departments deliver higher-quality care, better workflow, and improve patient interaction while reducing costs and complexity. Today, the way people adopt smartphone technology and find practical ways during illness has a direct impact on the growing demand for healthcare applications.

And don’t just rely on words, see the numbers for yourself.

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, 15% of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 29 have health apps on their mobile phones.

Looking at these numbers, we’re sure you’ve found your answer: Why build a healthcare app? So let’s move on to healthcare app ideas and types of best healthcare apps that Softkingo can help you develop.

1. Healthcare Monitoring Application

These kinds of apps are mainly developed to monitor chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, glucose level, cancer, etc. The application allows doctors or health professionals to monitor the health status of each patient taking into account their medical history to provide them with the appropriate treatment or prescription.

2. App for Woman’s Wellbeing

There is no doubt that women and men have different requirements and needs for healthcare. When it comes to women, your menstrual cycle plays an important role in your health and body.

Choose this direction if you want to address women’s health and wellness issues and needs. You can develop an app that will track your menstrual cycle and tell them your safest and most fertile days to manage your sex and pregnancy. You can also develop an app that gives them information on different types of diseases like PCOS and breast cancer, as well as contact details of the best gynecologists and suggestions from them to help you keep up with your case.

3. Sleep App

These apps also belong to the same category of health test apps and can be developed by doctors or entrepreneurs. The app is basically an ideal solution for those who find it difficult to sleep comfortably. Users can select soothing sounds to get a good night’s sleep.

4. Personal Medical Records App

Personal Medical Records App Ideas is a diary-like app that allows patients to manually add their personal medical records and share them with their doctor before an appointment. This type of solution allows the doctor to know the patient’s health history, and with this in mind, the doctor can prescribe medications or take additional measures.

In fact, the blockchain developers have already looked into this topic and found a solution to develop the best medical records application on blockchain technology. You can read our blog about how a custom medical records app built on Blockchain can revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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5. Appointment Booking App

The medical appointments app is very simple and it has been developed primarily for the benefit of doctors. Many well-known healthcare professionals and doctors are developing their own appointment scheduling apps for their patients in order to inform them of their availability and give them appointment scheduling.

Another option is to create a social platform for patients and doctors where patients can connect with doctors based on their illness and search for consultations, schedule calls, or schedule appointments to go home.

6. Online therapy application

Intent to bring medicines to the largest number. The online therapy app allows users to pay a subscription for unlimited messages. Any of these healthcare app ideas can help patients talk about their health issues in person.

There is a lot to be done in healthcare that can easily be done with the help of developing these mental health apps. Professional therapists can also connect with each other, reach more mentally ill patients and improve their communication skills.

7. Addiction Recovery App

Somehow we are all addicted to something, right? Normal. But, there are some addictions that can take your life, take your time, take everything and take you down different unexpected paths.

We did some basic research at Google and found that this major addiction affects many people around the world.

For example, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, caffeine addiction, nicotine addiction, phone addiction, sugar addiction

What if we had a recovery app?

Let’s say there is an app for drug addiction recovery. The app helps drug addicts to get out of this endless chain, and get out of this hell.

Addiction recovery app can have the following features:

  • Community: Create a community of people who can help or are addicted to drugs.
  • Videos: To share videos of how to recover
  • Chat integration: so they can talk and chat with experts

These are the basic ideas. Please let us know if you have any original ideas. We can support you and help you create an app that helps people recover from any kind of addiction.

8. Pharmacy Delivery App

Today there is a strong demand for this type of application. The reason is very simple, COVID-19. We are fighting an invisible enemy and the only way to win is to stay home as long as possible.

If someone is sick, they may not want to go out to buy medicine. Moreover, they do not want their loved ones to go out and will also run the risk of infection. In such a situation, new companies may emerge to administer prescription drugs.

Uber’s drug app or prescription delivery app made it possible for people to get essential medicines when they wanted to. This trend will not stop because the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization, is here to last for a long time.

9. Doctors On Demand

Doctor on Demand is another best healthcare app idea that is sure to do exceptionally well in the healthcare industry. You can develop an Uber for Doctors app that allows patients to communicate with doctors in real-time through chat and video calls.

These medical on-demand apps allow patients to book on-demand consultations and contact the right doctor via chat or video call. Using the Doctor On Demand app, patients will receive services within an hour or two from their comfort home. They can discuss their problems comfortably and confidentially with doctors and get immediate help.

10. Mental Health Apps

With the increasingly hectic and stressful lifestyle, people face many mental issues every day. Many people experience anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other similar mental health problems. Awareness of mental health is growing and people are taking it seriously.

There are many types of applications or one application has a lot of features that you can develop. You can develop a meditation and sleep app, or you can use an online therapy app. Users can book a treatment session online, as visiting a therapist is not ideal during a pandemic. The demand for these apps is increasing as millennials wake up and see mental health as their number one priority.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many health apps are there?

The demand for healthcare app is at an all-time high. There are approximately 318,000 health or mobile health apps in major app stores. In fact, there were only half of the orders in 2015, and in 4 years the total number has almost doubled.

How are mobile applications used in the healthcare sector?

Mobile applications have become a platform to simplify all operations in healthcare. Applications make communication between patients and health care professionals, such as doctors and nurses, faster and more efficient. Many apps also monitor diseases and track treatments and other health issues.

What are the best health apps?

Some of the best healthcare apps are:

  • Practo
  • Doctor On-demand
  • Mobile MIM
  • Diabetes Manager by WellDoc
  • CareWare Connect


After analyzing and developing dozens of healthcare applications, we have come to a level where we can develop a customized healthcare application to meet the requirements of a hospital, health centre or doctor application.

Softkingo Technologies offers you to hire dedicated developers who understand your application requirements and provide the full lifecycle of developing medical applications that include native or cross-platform technology. This means that we can develop a healthcare app with your own idea, or you can choose from the above healthcare app ideas and develop it for iPhone and Android platforms.

We have developed more than 10 health and fitness apps. We also incorporated data from HealthKit when developing the Health & Fitness app for iOS. Two of our apps are nSpire and Doctor Now Fitness.

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