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Our certified Google professionals are waiting for you to generate more leads and business. We have experience and knowledge in Search-Based Advertising or Search Engine Marketing to meet your business goals.

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Over 12 years of SEO experience, with a proven track record of success

Search-based advertising is one of your most important advertising channels. We use different terms for this like Paid Search, SEM, PPC, etc. A Search Campaign is a search engine and increases revenue.

Softkingo has the experience and knowledge to effectively manage your budget and help you grow.

The Three Most Important Elements of Search Advertising

  • Bidding
  • ADS
  • Keywords

To get the most out of search-based ads, smart agencies focus on auctions, advertising, and keywords. This becomes even more important when you want to see growth on a tight budget.

What do we offer through the search advertising service?

  • More prospects! The best tracks!
  • Customer acquisition cost (CPA)
  • Increase your income

Better search campaign management

To better perform your campaign, we focus on:

  • Efficient account structure to meet your specific business needs
  • Advanced optimization strategies
  • Better sales/sales ratio
  •     We take the time to understand and act on your business plans.
  •     Once the bullets are created, our mission does not end. We strive to understand leadership quality to assist in the sales process.
  • Practical tips for growing your account to discover new opportunities
  • Take advantage of visualization for high impact ads, social and mobile ads
  • Take advantage of our direct access to Google Account Managers

Our experience and knowledge of research-based advertising

We have experience managing small budgets for startups and large expense accounts for large companies.

Target audience according to him

  • Geographic location
  • Socio-economic status and
  • Behavior Models

Set keywords

  • For commercial offers and user search forms
  • Based on buyer persona and sales life cycle

Dynamic Search Ads (for more clicks and conversions)


Improve your conversion rate

Track calls to improve retention and acquisition

URL tagging

CRM integrations with website automation tools

Our approach to advertising search

Campaign strategy, construction and ongoing managemen

We work closely with you to create a comprehensive search network advertising strategy. We work backwards from your goals keeping your budget, target audience and resources in mind. We have been partners for a long time and focus on creating a structure that is easy to maintain and scale.

Search for the keyword

Our expert SEO experts study your existing customers and target audiences to understand what they are looking for. We also study the competitive landscape in depth. We use special tools to design the keyword strategy that will allow you to succeed.

Create advertisements and running tests

We incorporate ad creation best practices designed to increase conversions and engagement. With a decade of experience, we understand why users click - we develop engaging and relevant ads designed to engage and engage viewers. Most importantly, we experiment - we test A / B to deliver effective ads and test them across all platforms and devices so you never miss opportunities.

Optimizing and managing offers

We work within your allocated budget and optimize your bid strategy to generate more clicks and leads. We are constantly monitoring and improving in order to increase efficiency and reduce acquisition cost.

Landing page design and optimization

Landing pages have to match your ads, and a successful landing page is relevant, informative, and call-to-action. Our team of web design experts can help you create powerful landing pages to drive conversions and sales

Frequent analyzes and reports

We set up URL tracking with Google Tag Manager and UTM tags to properly track the source of conversions. These are important in identifying gaps and opportunities, and are key to successful adaptation. We track research campaigns with comprehensive reports, detailed analyzes, and our personal assessment of next steps.

Work with us: a premium Google certified partner in India

We are Softkingo a premium Google certified partner among 1% of the top digital agencies in India. According to Google, "Google's partners may specialize in one or more of the following areas: search advertising, mobile advertising, video ads, display advertising, and commercial advertising."

We have in-depth search-based advertising knowledge and skills, a proven ten-year track record, and direct access to Google Account Managers.

We are fully prepared to fulfill the digital needs of our customers. We take advantage of digital excellence to add value to our customers. We focus on return on investment and aspire to be reliable long-term partners.


We have achieved exceptional results for our clients in a variety of industries, from automotive to education, e-commerce, and consumer goods. Here are some of our successes:

Polaris: the world's leading manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles
Fenesta Building Systems - India's leading manufacturer of UPVC windows and doors

For more information about our pay-per-click (PPC) services, submit an order or view our PPC packages.