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Ratna Prasad
Ratna Prasad – Team Lead (iOS)
Experience: 4 Years
Softkingo has several ingredients to try, such as: continually Growth, doing important things, interacting rather than reacting, creating a win-win situation, and more.To this day, the organization and my career have boosted me by mixing Softkingo. It gave me a platform that gives me the freedom to push my limits. I love the people here. All of them are very united and live in families.
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar
Sr. Quality Analyst Experience: 5 Years
I joined in 2019, working as a Senior Quality Analyst at Softkingo. I must say Softkingo is not just an organization, but a family to me. Being an enabling environment for work, it is always a pleasure to work with solution-oriented peopleCompared to my previous job, here I have a great experience working with the development team. I am also grateful to Softkingo for providing the demanding platform for better performance.
Ajay Kayan
Ajay Kayan – Team Lead (Android)
Experience: 6 Years
Since 2018, I've been a part of Softkingo. The organization provides a good environment to develop your skills and gives you the wings to fly however you can. It is the right place to sharpen your knowledge, learn new things every day, and achieve your goals.
Komal Jain – Project Manager
Experience: 4 Years
I joined in 2018 and worked as a project manager at Softkingo. As an employee, people always want their workplace to be fun, stimulating, friendly, and helpful, and I found it all in one workplace. Softkingo is the best place where you can explore your plan and your thoughts.
Ram Pratap Singh
Ram Pratap – Team Laed(Web Developer)
Experience: 4 Years
From day one, I have been part of a fantastic excursion in Softkingo Technologies. The company has good ergonomics and it always feels like Softkingo is a second family to me. Under the guidance of Ayush Sir and Dilip Sir, I learned a lot from my leadership and enjoyed working with my colleagues.They are excellent support in all situations. So far, Softkingo has provided me with many opportunities to work, improve, and develop. You can't find a class near Softkingo at any other company.
Siddiqui Sazid – React Native(iOS)
Experience: 3.5 Years
I joined Softkingo Technologies in 2019 as a React Native developer. I am grateful for the opportunity Softkingo has given me to discover my skills and gain experience in the IT industry. What I like most about the company is that it gave me the opportunity to work in a fun, multicultural environment with good colleagues.I have learned how to do my job in a professional, efficient, and effective manner from the hands of many colleagues. I am proud to be a part of Softkingo.
Kaushik Kumar Rout
Kaushik Rout – UI/UX Designer
Experience: 3 Years
At Softkingo, we believe our people are our greatest asset. The success of an organization depends on the talent, dedication, and loyalty of its employees. Softkingo makes sure to provide them with a platform where they can better perform, grow quickly, and realize their true potential.Softkingo provides them with an open performance platform in which they can excel in their careers and reach new heights.
Krati Abhay – HR Manager
Experience: 3 Years
I joined in 2019, working as a technician. Head and Softkingo give every reason to work happily and establish a long-term relationship with the company. Be technical. Official (mobile), I had the opportunity to work with well-known developers who simplify difficult projects.Ultimately, I'll give Softkingo a five-star rating for its slogan: Treat company members not as an employee but as a family member.