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Are you getting enough calls or leads for your local business? No! So prepare to grow your business locally by boosting your online visibility, increasing your credibility and attracting more and more clients with PageTraffic.

About Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is all about making your business or business visible for location-based searches. Businesses with physical sites that provide face-to-face services to their communities can increase their visibility in search with local SEO. This can include a department store, salon, or florist.

Additionally, it offers to companies that provide service in a specific geographic area such as a doctor, dentist, plumber, electrician, attorney, or home cleaning businesses that you run as a local audience. From listing your business and creating bids to managing local social media interactions and online reviews, local SEO is all about directing the full attention of local search engines to your business.

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Citations Building

With specialist manual citation services that ensure name, address, phone number and website (NAPW) consistency, we operate various local online business guides and mapping services to make your data visible to companies.

Local Website Optimization

This includes fully incorporating your city, district, or county onto your website. This SEO strategy targets the audience in your city or community. For companies located on different sites, we create separate pages for each site.

Landing Pages

Continuous landing page optimization ensures a fully functional website with strong local business representation. We develop websites that are specially designed to meet the needs of local researchers.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) page optimization is important in helping your business appear on major Google services, including Google Maps and local search results pages. We make sure that your business always does well in the search results with up-to-date information.

Link Building

Getting high-quality backlinks from well-known local sources helps identify your website as a reliable source of information. We select high-quality backlinks from trusted sources including industry directories, dating sites, guest publishing sites, and more.

Content Optimization

Locally optimized website content with updated local keywords and terms to ensure long-term local SEO success Our experienced copywriters write content that relates to your target audience.

Reputation Management

What your customers think or feel about your product or service is reflected in the opinions they provide them. Therefore, we monitor and balance your reviews on hosting sites. We help you grow positive customer reviews and handle negative comments with style.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a markup language that adds partial data to your website that clearly tells search engines what your website content is. It improves business listings, adds to local SEO, and displays local ratings prominently on search results pages.

Citation Audit

If you still have a wrong number or an old address in your business, it could affect your local SEO ranking. We clean up incorrect quotes and replace them with correct quotes so that they appear in key business directories.


Getting noticed online is not easy but not even difficult with PageTraffic. We deliver a proven process to establish your digital presence prominently.

Local SEO Competitor Analysis

This process includes a comprehensive market analysis of your service areas and acquiring local competitors. We analyze search terms and search versions to design a robust local SEO strategy to rank your business higher.

Local Keyword Research

We research, analyze and target these local keywords, which include the name of your city or state, to classify your business in a specific geographic location. We also constantly search for the keywords that your audience is searching for and that your competitors are targeting.

Google My Business setup and optimization

We optimize your company's Google My Business page with updated NAPW details, business hours, reviews, backlinks and retrieve your Google Maps listing so that a user searching for your keyword can see you at the top of the list of results.

Building & Monitoring Local Citations

We start by cleaning your old invalid appointments and replacing them with the correct and updated ones. We then create new citations in relevant local online directories to increase your visibility with the correct NAP details.

On-page SEO

We provide expert on-page local SEO including services like keyword research, content optimization, creating interesting page titles, including alt tags for images, and correcting web design to rank your local business higher in search results.

Tracking Local SEO Campaigns

We constantly monitor your traffic and drive your keyword rankings to closely monitor your keyword performance as well as your SEO campaigns. It helps you to improve your SEO strategy.

Google Reviews Management

We use best marketing practices to encourage consumers to share reviews about your product or service on Google. They add credibility to your business.

Dedicated Account Executive

To provide our clients with a sense of personalized service and to ensure that their business is our top priority, we have a dedicated account manager available who will take full responsibility for your SEO campaign to provide ranking and revenue.

Scheduled Reporting for Customer Traffic

We provide time reports for the above services so that we and our customers know the outcome of our efforts and need some improvement.


Getting noticed online is not easy but not even difficult with PageTraffic. We deliver a proven process to establish your digital presence prominently.


The restaurant industry is once again one of the most competitive businesses and requires search engine optimization (SEO) to beat the competition. Whether you have a fine dining restaurant or a typical 24-hour dinner, we assure you of a lot with our local SEO service.


Are you a auto dealer looking to achieve better results? With our specialized SEO service at local auto dealerships, we can help you dominate the local market with more customer visits, more leads, and more sales.

Construction & Maintenance

If you want to stay ahead of your competition and attract more customer traffic to and maintain your website, we optimize your site for local SEO and see the difference.

Home Improvement

Home improvement services are very popular among people and hence call for intense competition among service providers. However, if you want to lead this competition, we can help you increase your sales with the best local SEO service.


There is strong competition in the medical services. But if you are confident in your knowledge, skills and experiences, we can help you get a note online with your local dental SEO expert.


Legal aid is one of the most requested services. If you practice law anywhere, but can't find enough inquiries, contact the legal SEO firm to obtain better local search rankings and attract local clients for your services.

Why Choose Softkingo for SEO Services in India

We create unique and personalized local SEO campaigns for our clients keeping in mind their niche, location, and specific industry needs.

We provide clear and comprehensive SEO reports with complete transparency.

We are totally focused on our customers and everything we make is just right for you. Whether it's your social network profile, NAP list, GMB settings, login details, or anything else, we give you full ownership.

We use proven methods to build bids and backlinks and do not accept spam or SEO blackouts.

We are conducting extensive research to fully target your prospects and acquire quality leads.

Instead of focusing on quick results, we are creating a sustainable local onboarding strategy that will also be beneficial in the future.

We help you manage a strong and positive reputation online.

We provide local SEO services at affordable rates that are suitable for any organic link building strategy.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get results?

During the first week, the CTO provides you with a technical review of the site and keyword strategy. Within the first thirty (30) days, we start improving and dispatching all engines and manuals. During the first sixty (60) days, search engines and directories begin to show the results of our initial efforts.

What's your overall SEO approach?

We customize your existing site pages instead of creating the portal pages (unless the site pages are in Flash, .ASP, etc.). This means that it involves a lot of coding work; As a result, a history-based business plan is sent to you / the client. As with any project, deviations from return dates (customer approval) will lead to delays in project completion dates.

How does your service differ from other service providers?

We have positioned ourselves as the "What You Really Need" SEO Service Company For. We promote our SEO services on a "Low Cost Knowledge" platform; In other words, we deliver value. We are a truly blue, knowledge-based and process-oriented SEO company capable of providing world-class SEO services at external rates.

Do you follow SEO practices / Do you have a valid ethical code?

Yeah. We are members of major SEO directories / chapters and subscribe to the SEO Industry Code of Ethics. We are also members of the W3C.