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Communicating with users in their language will give you more organic traffic. We will help you to master the search engines for your market and country. Our multilingual SEO services have already yielded great results for many sites.

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  • Interact with a large global audience.
  • SEO for foreign languages.
  • Increase your customer base.
  • Create a multilingual campaign.

About 75% of the internet is in languages ​​other than English. This means if you have a global audience, you only reach 25%! For example, if you have clients in Spain, they may not be able to find you. Therefore, multilingual SEO for foreign search engines should be an integral part of your internet marketing strategy.

Softkingo offers you multilingual SEO services, allowing you to choose keywords in the foreign languages ​​most used, such as French, Spanish, and German.

You don't need to translate your entire website to present it to foreign search engines. German explains that most of the time this suffices to create a single page on your website with content in the foreign language of your choice. We will optimize this page for German search engines with German content, German keywords, and meta tags. This page will be visible to German users when they meet you through the German search engine, and then they will be directed to your original website, which will be in English.

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Keywords: Up to 30

Meta Optimization: 30 Page



Keywords: Up to 50

Meta Optimization: 50 Page



Keywords: Up to 80

Meta Optimization: 80 Page



Keywords: Upto 150

Meta Optimization: 150 Page

Additionally, we do not only target country-specific search engines. Instead, we target the search engines of the market. For example, if you want to improve your keywords in Spanish, we are not limiting your keywords to searches in Spain. Instead, we optimize your website for search engines in every country with a large Hispanic population, from the United States to Central and South America.

With our multilingual SEO services, we make sure that you can truly reach a large global audience through the World Wide Web.

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