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Turn on photo, video, and social media-sharing platforms like Instagram to engage millions of people in an instant. Packed with all the important features, our industry-leading solution helps businesses deliver an engaging user experience for their applications.

Create your own Instagram clone app no matter what region you live in as we offer our exclusive services to countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia.

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You are all aware of the huge success of Instagram. This app is driving the world crazy with its unique features. From photo sharing to video sharing, everything is possible here. It is undeniable that people can spend many hours on Instagram without any enthusiasm.

Softkingo has a highly interactive and experienced team of developers. We know how to create an easy-to-use and fully functional mobile app. Customers come to us with their dreams and the idea of creating an attractive application that can attract millions of customers and how the application can become a huge success in a very short time.

Instagram Clone is a white-label social media solution available for customization and launch. It is a great choice for companies looking to enter the social media app market in the near future. Our solution comes pre-loaded with the same features and functionality as the Instagram app.

If you are actively looking for an Instagram clone app for your business, contact us now. We are driven by quality as well as the latest tools and technologies to create cloning apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Our laundry app development process

Easy Sign up

Allow users to register and log in to the application faster with various options.

Profile management

Manage all profile details and allow users to edit them if required.


View photos/videos shared by other users on the platform.

Post a photo/video

Share photos or videos with descriptions, hashtags, and tags on your profile.

Share stories

Add photos or videos to stories that disappear within 24 hours.

Live Streaming

Connect with your followers through live video broadcasting.

instant chat

Connect with other users via the real time chat option.

Voice/video call

Interact with other users or subscribers via audio/video calls.

Main Characteristics

Home Screen

The home screen includes posts from users you follow in this app.

Search Module

Search for something like your username or channel name in this app. It will also include the selected main research.

Upload Media

The user can upload photos or videos from the library or use the camera provided on the smartphone.

Record activities

The activity log contains details of new Facebook friends who joined the app, notifications of new followers, and photos.

Followers log

This history includes the list of followers, their likes, and the activity of the people they follow.

Details Profile

This includes basic details of the posts made by that user, the number of followers, the number of people the user is following, and the total number of posts.

Instagram Clone app features

Quick registration/login

Allow users to easily register or login into the app with multiple options like email id, phone number, or social media credentials.

Set Up Profile

Users can create and manage their profiles with their profile picture, username, short bio, and relevant details.

Personal News Feed

Each user has a personalized news feed based on the people or pages they follow, their preferences, and their tastes. They can like and comment on posts they find interesting.

Explore The Post

Users can search through profiles of their favorite users or companies or find posts that match their preferences or trends in this section.

Photo/Video Editing

The application allows users to edit their photos or videos, add filters/effects, and adjust their brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. To improve their quality before sharing them with your personal files.

Upload Photo/Video

Allow users to upload their own photos or videos to your profile. They can add descriptions, hashtags, and location tags, and tag other users in posts.


Users can add photos or videos to their stories that disappear once every 24 hours. Users can enable it for public viewing or restrict it to be seen only by the users around them.


Users can add interesting stories to their highlights so that their followers can see them later.

Real-time messaging

Users can chat with other users instantly through the chat option. They can also share posts, GIFs, photos, and videos.

Audio/video calls

Users can interact with their friends/family or followers via voice or video chat options.

live Streaming

Users can connect with their followers through the live video streaming option. Subscribers can comment during the broadcast session, which will be visible to all participants.

Certified badge

Users or business profiles with many subscribers can request and verify an approved badge to validate their accounts.

Admin Panel Features

User Management

Manage your user with their complete information and activities, and add new ones to your Instagram clone at once.

Material management

Gain complete control over the massive amount of data generated by users through their interactions and activities.

Report management

Take appropriate action on accounts reported by specific users in real-time and provide a safe user experience.


Effectively market your products and services to thousands of dedicated potential customers and convert them into leads.

Push notifications

Notify your users in real-time of any recent changes to your policies or offerings, and make them feel valued with push notifications.

Group management

Manage different pages and groups created by your customers and notify them of violations of your app's policies.


Assign and manage different badges to premium account holders based on their activities and special offers on the page.


Recommend the most suitable suggestions to your users based on their contacts and activities on your Instagram clone.

Technology Stack for Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions

To create a truly unmatchable and highly satisfied Customer-oriented app. It’s important to choose the technologies wisely. We use the Industry’s best technologies to make the Online grocery app development solution.

Designing        Frontend         Backend          Database


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Google Map




















The revenue model of Instagram Clone App

Advertising has been the main source of revenue for social media apps like Instagram. From sponsored flyers to carousel ads, you can earn huge revenue through various means. Let's see them in detail.

Sponsored article

Allow users or companies to boost your posts to reach more people, especially users who don't follow your profile. This helps them to increase their visibility, increase post engagement, and gain more followers.

Carousel ads

Like sponsored posts, carousel ads help promote shares. The only difference is that it allows multiple images to be advertised in a single post. Simply put, businesses can create a story using multiple images, which increases user engagement.

In-app purchases

Give users access to custom filters and effects for a price. Moreover, apps like Instagram have many exclusive items that you can let users enjoy for a certain amount. It also helps you to earn stable money in the long run.

The Process We Follow to Develop an App Like Instagram

Analysis of customer needs

First, our Business Development Manager will contact you to understand your project requirements and discuss the end goal, depending on the type of photo-sharing app you want to develop.


It's time to wireframe your app. Our Business Analysts will create a wireframe for each screen in your photo-sharing app, showing you all the screens, features and functionality.


Our UX designer takes care of the interaction between design elements, while our UI designer designs the look and feel of your app with graphics, the perfect color scheme, and icons.


At this point, our application development team will appear. The development team starts developing your photo sharing app according to the features and specifications.


It's time to test your developed app. The main purpose of testing is to ensure that your photo sharing app is bug-free and works well on all devices. For final approval of the application, interested parties are also involved.


Finally, we will publish your photo and video sharing application to your server and run it on the App Store (or Play Store) to make it available to users.

The Industry We Serve

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Instagram for business

Instagram For Food

How do we implement and launch your future Instagram clone app?

The Business Consultant and Technical Director discusses with the client to find out the company's needs.

The app is specially designed with a creative touch to synchronize the look of the app with your branding.

For security and data ownership reasons, we prefer to configure the solution server internally.

A security audit is conducted to ensure that the app complies with food delivery industry standards and other regulations.

Launch the App Store

It helps developers to list Android and iOS apps on Play Store and Apple Store.

The technical team provides 24/7 maintenance and support services when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions - Instagram Clone App

What is the Instagram Clone app?

Instagram clone apps are photo and video sharing apps for social media with similar features and functionality to the popular Instagram photo sharing platform.

How much does it cost to create an Instagram clone app?

There is no predetermined average cost. The cost of developing an Instagram clone app depends on your needs. If you need a basic app with limited requirements, the cost will be lower. Orangemantra creates feature-rich Instagram cloning apps at a competitive price.

Do you provide technical support after launching the application?

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to handle all of your tech support needs.

How long does it take to create an Instagram clone app?

We create Instagram clone apps in the shortest development time. However, the total development time depends on what kind of social media app you need.