Online Reputation Management (ORM)

If you are an online business, it is very likely that people will talk about you on social media. Be it Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Yelp or any other site. Your business needs a presence in the world of social media to increase your knowledge, followers and business.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is now more important than ever to maintain a successful brand reputation. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and manage what other people say about your business. Softkingo. You will actively monitor and grow your online reputation based on credibility and trust.

Softkingo will build your brand reputation, user signals, interactions with new media content on the site, and improve social media. We will create a comprehensive, customized strategy for you while monitoring and evaluating your online reputation in real time. Additionally, you'll have access to an online reputation management reporting portal and real-time advice for each brand, both positive and negative, allowing you to be direct and proactive in monitoring damage.

Our Reputation Management Services

What do users get when they search on Google for their name or business name? Do they view websites as scam reports? Do you find inappropriate photos? Have they received negative reviews about your products or services? They may find little relevant information about you or your brand. Online reputation management services give you the ability to control what people see when they search for you.

Online reputation management is the process of building your brand professionally on the internet so that people can get the information you want to provide. Having a healthy discussion about your brand helps build credibility for your brand and can be a major deciding factor when it comes to moving people. Whether you're calling to discuss your services or ordering online, don't let a bad reputation stand in your way.

Brand Reputation Management Services

Your reputation builds your Brands, allow us to build your reputation!

Corporates Reputation Management Services

Build trust & mitigate risk with review monitoring & influencer strategies!

Celebrities Reputation Management Services

Fame is a game best played with preparation! Choose us to help you!

Hotel Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Hospital Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Restaurant Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Reduce the value of negative items

Tell us what content you want to display in the SERPs and we'll create a strategic plan to help you downgrade.

Create positive brand content

We will create positive brand themes to help you promote positive content about your brand, products or services.

Monitor positive and negative content

We will provide metrics and feedback on page progress.

1. Contact us

Contact us today and be a digital strategist

2. Discussing the strategy

We will review your reputation concerns and provide you with feedback on next steps.

3. Strategy review

We'll review our plans to restore and strengthen your brand's reputation.

4. Restoration

We work to help you restore and build your online brand reputation.

Why is reputation management important

Companies and individuals spend a huge amount of money and energy to build a solid reputation, and all that effort can easily be wasted by online trolls or even through their own mistakes. In today's world, having a professional online reputation management company is important to monitor, develop and protect your brand.

Negative Product Reviews

Do you sell a product or provide a service? If you do, there's a good chance someone will write a review of your work as we speak. Negative reviews won't hurt you once in a while, but if you find one customer who is not completely satisfied with being brainwashed, you can do serious harm by filling review sites with horrific and exaggerated claims about your sinister products or services. can be connected.

Negative Press

If you've been surrounded by crimes, lawsuits, or other controversies in the past, news can still dominate your online search results. You should not be prosecuted for your past mistakes or constantly respond to the public in minor court cases.

Your content

When it comes to reputation management, some business owners can be your worst enemy. You want to make a better impression on your clients or clients, but it can be difficult if social media and other websites contain pictures from your last drunken weekend in Las Vegas. And when these images appear on websites that are out of your control, you often can't do anything about them.

Not only damage control

Reputation management is not just about damage control. It's about creating and maintaining the kind of image you want to present to the world. You don't need a closet full of skeletons to take advantage of reputation management. Any business in this growing industry can reap huge rewards, as would the public if they had no control over their reputation.

Complete lack of information

Bad information can harm your business, as can a lack of information. In today's Google-friendly world, consumers are becoming very knowledgeable and many are turning to the web for an in-depth research before spending their hard-earned money. When customers search for your business, they need to find the type of background they really like. Effective reputation management does just that.

Irrelevant Information

Even if you have a positive online reputation, this does not mean that your message or brand will resonate with consumers. A lot of reputation management helps you build your brand in such a way that customers are not only happy with what they find, but also drawn to your message.

Frequently Asked Questions 



How do I know if I need reputation management services?

This answer often varies between clients, because the reason they require services is not always the same. Oftentimes, customers will request a service line if they or your brand receives poor publicity digitally topping brand searches. In a world where credibility is key to brand success, you definitely don't want a bad reputation to get in your way.

What's the first thing I should do if I encounter a situation where I or my brand is experiencing bad press?

In addition to seeking help from a qualified reputation management company, you will need to be clear and consistent about how you handle negative feedback. Additionally, making sure you know where the bad press is so the company you're working with knows where to start the cleanup process will be an important first step.

How much can I expect to spend on reputation management services?

Spending is typically determined based on the level of need and actions required to create and maintain a positive brand reputation. Once the initial cleanup and related business steps are identified and resolved, additional work in progress should be planned to continually help maintain a strong brand reputation.

Why is reputation management important?

Reliability has become an essential component of all online businesses. A bad reputation can harm a company's ability to grow and prosper. As a result, it is the brands that manage their bad reputation that continue to grow. Earning the trust of consumers and creating a trustworthy brand will become increasingly important for businesses.

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