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Make your mark in the highly profitable music streaming industry with the cutting edge Spotify clone app. Connect music to your users with our expertly designed music streaming platform.

On-demand Music Streaming App Development Like Spotify App

The way we listen to music has always been an evolutionary process. From old-school gramophones to portable radios, cassette tapes, and CDs, the time has changed the way we listen to music. The latest in this lineage are music streaming service platforms like Spotify. Physical CD purchases are at an all-time low. Even online, people no longer download music to their devices. Why do that when you can stream your music online without taking up space?

Music streaming is at its peak. A large number of people around the world use the services of platforms like Spotify to fill themselves with music. The industry will grow at this amazing rate for years to come. According to the numbers, "Global online music streaming subscriptions grew 32% year-over-year (YoY) to 358 million subscriptions in fiscal 2019."

What does this mean for entrepreneurs like you? an opportunity! With all the signs pointing in the right direction, there's never been a better time to invest in a music streaming service. And there is no better way to do that than with our Spotify clone app.

Spotify Clone App Features

Our features make your app interesting, unique, and attractive. Here are the salient features of our audio broadcasting app.


Registration is the first process, and it is essential to keep it simple and fast. We offer easy social media/email registration.

Find your song

The search option allows users to search for a specific song or album among the millions of songs available in the app. Users can search by track name, artist, genre, etc.


Based on users' interest in the song, artist, genre, or track they're looking for, similar song suggestions are listed.

Top Tracks

Popular/most listened tracks are listed as "popular". This helps the user to know what is the latest in the industry.

download a song

The tracks that the user wants to download can be downloaded for offline listening.

social participation

Share a song on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. You can also copy the link and share it via SMS or other means.

Recently played

An updated list of songs and playlists users have recently listened to in the app is displayed under Recently Played.


Create a playlist with user favorites. Users can name playlists and add or remove songs from playlists. Users can share their playlists with their friends.

Multi-language support

Languages have been added to support all types of users and their language preferences. This feature helps you cater to a global audience.

Multiple payment integration

Multiple payment methods are offered for hassle-free transactions.


Users can create a music group they like from alumni or regular artists at their discretion. Users can also follow other users and listen to their playlists.

Profile settings

Users may choose to change their profile settings at any time. They can change their profile name, photo, and more.

Admin Panel

Earnings tracking

The administrator can obtain a detailed statement of the profits deposited in a particular period.

Admin panel

A dashboard is a place where the administrator can get a panoramic view of the entire process. They can navigate the application quickly and smoothly through the admin panel.

User management

Administrators can view and manage user accounts registered in Spotify Clone.

Check for pregnancy

Administrators can view and check Spotify clone song download requests at any time.

Ad management

Administrators can manage which ads they choose to display in the app. They can fix advertising costs, etc.

Manage reading lists

Administrators can view and manage the list of selected playlists on Spotify Clone as they wish.

Offers and promotions

Administrators can offer special offers and promotions to entice users to upgrade to the paid version of the app.

Push notification

Administrators can quickly contact users and broadcast any message through the push notification feature.

Benefits of Spotify Similar App

Music is universal and it's never too late to start making popular audio streams using apps and the web. Spotify, with over 75 million active users, is the perfect prototype for what entrepreneurs need to launch a compelling app. Softkingo will help you redesign the Spotify clone app to meet your demands, which will benefit you and your customers. Users are looking for the following features in an audio streaming application.

Mobile Application

Personalised Lists

Users get a personalized list of music based on the songs they have listened to or searched for. Personalization There are many ways to entertain users.

Mobile Application

offline listening

Users can download and listen to songs without the internet through offline mode. It is the most popular feature on the market.

Mobile Application

easy to use

From recording to listening to songs, this app is easy to use. With multiple features, users can easily listen to their favorite songs.

Mobile Application

Free subscription

Free subscription or trial period to provide free access to users. Users will be charged a subscription fee after the end of the period at the discretion of the service provider. By making a payment, the user can access the song again.

Mobile Application

Great music list

With millions of songs of different genres, users' preferences will be catered for. The sophisticated application offers various music options to customers.

How to Make Money with Spotify Clone App?

In business, it all boils down to making money by providing complete user satisfaction. These are just a few of the ways an entrepreneur can monetize their podcasting app.

In-app advertising

Wherever there is a large audience, there is potential for ads. Earn money with ads.

Premium Membership

Some features, such as ad-free listening, may be offered for a fee. Example, download, offline access, etc.


Subscription fees may apply for offline listening or new releases. Paid users can enjoy a number of amazing benefits.

Why Choose our Spotify Clone App?

Among the competition, our Spotify clone app stands out with its powerful features. This is what our users and customers have to say about Spotify cloning.

user interface

The hallmark of any successful app is its ease of use. Softkingo Spotify Clone glides smoothly on the user's fingertips. With easy-to-use icons, buttons, and screens, Spotify Clone provides a very user-friendly interface.


More important than how the app works is how it looks. Our design engineers are known for creating beautifully designed apps that wow users. The Spotify clone app is no different. Get a design you love at a price you'll love.

download a song

Spotify clone premium version allows users to save songs for offline playback. It is a much-appreciated feature that will impress your users.


The scope of customization we offer is limited by only two things: your creativity and your budget. However you want to build and design your app, you can.

The Process We Follow to Develop an App Like Spotify App

Analysis of customer needs

First, our Business Development Manager will contact you to understand your project requirements and discuss the end goal, depending on the type of photo-sharing app you want to develop.


It's time to wireframe your app. Our Business Analysts will create a wireframe for each screen in your photo-sharing app, showing you all the screens, features and functionality.


Our UX designer takes care of the interaction between design elements, while our UI designer designs the look and feel of your app with graphics, the perfect color scheme, and icons.


At this point, our application development team will appear. The development team starts developing your photo sharing app according to the features and specifications.


It's time to test your developed app. The main purpose of testing is to ensure that your photo sharing app is bug-free and works well on all devices. For final approval of the application, interested parties are also involved.


Finally, we will publish your photo and video sharing application to your server and run it on the App Store (or Play Store) to make it available to users.

Frequently Asked Questions - Spotify Clone App

Will I Get in Legal Trouble for Launching of Spotify Clone App?

NO, The cloned variants of the app are completely legal. Although Spotify owns the copyright to its name and image, we don't infringe on it either. Our Spotify clone app is 100% legal and you don't have to worry about any legal consequences.

What kind of app is a Spotify clone?

If you can! We offer full customization of all of our products.

How much does a Spotify clone cost?

The price depends on the customer's requirements. To know the exact price of a Spotify clone, contact our team and tell us what you're looking for.

Do you provide support services?

Yes, our support services can be used at reasonable rates.

Do you provide marketing services?

Yes, our marketing team will help you to market the app at an attractive price.