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Get your unparalleled astrology query application solution with Softkingo. Finesse, a perfect astrology consulting marketplace created with original technology.

Development of Astrology and Horoscope Applications

Build astrologers inquiries market instantly!

Technology has expanded various sectors with its power and has not left the world of astrology alone. By promoting services and promoting business through online presence, it has played a leading role. If your interest is to improve engagement and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors, then you should take advantage of the opportunities to create an easy-to-use and results-oriented astrology app.

Whether you are an astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist or horoscope, creating an app will give you all the results you've been looking for. You can easily interact with your target audience and build consumer loyalty. As a good measure, your app will also create an effective awareness campaign for potential customers. The highly skilled application developer team at Softkingo will seriously help you fulfill all your desires.

Our team has spared no effort to address all the concepts of developing on-demand astrology tips. Be it immersive design, smooth navigation, or user-friendly features; We offer all this with great care and the same experience. Choose us as your application development partner and expand your services across the map!

Key Features of Astrology App


You can share software forecasts and analytics from your clients.

tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is another type of future prediction of what will happen in life. By offering a tarot card reading, you can interact with your customers on the app.

Western astrology

You can see your report prepared based on the western astrology strategy developed by the app.

daily horoscope

You can interact with the application that regularly serves your customers through their daily horoscopes.


Your customer can know your basic information from Panchang.

Know your zodiac

You can find out your Zodiac sign by entering some required information.

Innovative Features of Astrology Consulting Application Solution

Text, audio and video consultations

Remove all connection and timezone restrictions with Cool Channel. Connect with your customers in real time, regardless of the time zone, and provide an immersive experience with Screen Sharing HQ Calling.

instant payment

Built on the latest technology and innovative integrations, the app has multiple payment options, all designed to generate instant income with maximum security.

smart analysis

Progress or completion, you and your app deserve to know right away. it is good! With Smart Analytics, you can have a complete measurement of revenue and track daily transactions.

celestial calendar

Allow astrologers to calculate and track the user's birth chart with maximum accuracy to predict future events. Integrated functionality to be a harbinger of the success of your application!

Push notifications, SMS and email

Keep encouraging users to contact you to get to their destination! Push notifications, email and SMS to remind them of your appointment event every time. Under your control, your app will never expire without counting share or users.

Book an appointment

Integrated with time slots and a calendar to share the time slots available to the end user and miner for a seamless experience. Always ahead!

Excellent Communication

Enable clear communication between astrologers and users through all kinds of connections your mind can chew. Solve it all with a text, voice or video call: Astrologer On-Demand Consultant App.

Safe Payment and Tracking

Delight the users by allowing them to make online payments through multiple payment gateways. Allow astrologers to set consulting fees and keep track of all daily transactions over time.

Scope of application development of astrology in today's world

Astrology is not a trend or just a fashion, it has been around for centuries. When you look at the Middle Ages and mythology, astrology and predictions were in a strong position. Although today's technology has come a long way and we are bringing everything back home, trust seems to prevail.

potential investment area

Global astrological and mystical services have become a multibillion dollar industry and the growth is exponential. But the competition is much less. More excitement + less competition = big hits!

potential audience

Researchers suggest that millennials should spend more on astrology applications to seek help and guidance in making the right life decisions. Various reports have also revealed that belief in astrology and a deep sense of wonder in the universe seem to be attracting more millennials.

interests of the owners of capital

Capitalists can be called forecasters of market trends, and the whims of people have turned their attention to astrology. Technological integrations such as artificial intelligence seem to fuel their curiosity for exploration and hope in the field.

Key Features of Astrologer On-Demand Consulting App

User App

advanced search

Using the best technology, users can easily search and choose from a list of hundreds of astrologers according to their needs.

daily forecast

Follow the predictions of believers who want to start their day with daily horoscope readings. Daily reading with daily forecast, perfect day.

Money Horoscope

Get into the entrepreneurial spirit too! With the feature of Dhan Horoscope, its users can easily be attracted with business and financial predictions. Astrologers can give advice based on the signs of the zodiac. However, your luck in gambling will be great with the app!

horoscope report

Allow users to get what they want without searching hard. A report that provides a comprehensive overview of the key details, such as the critical time you should be vigilant, friendly aspects, and much more.

love horoscope

Let users talk to experts about their personal relationship and love affairs. The growth rate of dating apps is directly proportional to the potential business when you have this advantage!

Daily horoscope tips

Provide a general prediction for each zodiac sign, including the color of the clothes they are wearing and more. The relationship or self-absorption of users is at its peak.