Mobile App Prototyping

Get a prototype of what your future app will look like! Mobile app prototyping is the best way to create great looking functional blueprints for business applications. It also helps the development team in analyzing business needs and is useful in terms of scalability. It is the perfect solution not only for the sales and development team, but also for customers to understand the idea that the company wants to implement to take its services to the next level of leadership. Our application prototyping services provide the best solutions for your business.

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Application Prototyping Services

You have an idea for an application. You can also have sketches about your idea or you can contract with an agency like ours for Application Network Planning Services. What is the next step? Application form development. Prototyping applications have become a very important part of the application development process. With the lean startup movement, many startups are developing apps that take an iterative approach, and navigation prototyping or semi-functional prototyping provides a good start without spending a lot of money on full development. Application prototyping allows you to analyze the structure of your application and how it actually looks and works in different scenarios.

With our consulting approach, our experts understand your idea, target audience and key users and help you determine the USP of your application. Based on our experience and considering your specific needs, we choose the application prototyping tool and build prototypes on it. Prototyping applications may vary according to the unique needs of the startup. Some problems can be resolved simply by submitting prototypes, while others require proof-of-concept functional development as part of overall prototype development.

We typically cover and deliver the following items in a prototype development project. Concept notes, grid frames, sitemaps, functional specifications, navigation prototypes, semi-functional or fully functional.

Optimal prototypes for mobile application development services

Effective mobile application solution to create profitable units Wide view of the application

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App Detailed Vision

This enables an impressive and detailed development process that creates a unique and powerful application.

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Cost Effective Services

Typical mobile application solutions allow you to achieve real-time application service with cost-effective plans.

Mobile Application

On-demand services

Get on-demand mobile apps with low-cost and time-consuming prototypes.

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Compatible with all devices

In the app development process, you develop efficient and better mobile apps that are compatible with all types of mobile devices.

Mobile Application

Effective disclosure

Each component of the mobile application allows functional prototypes to obtain the most effective communication between customers.

Mobile Application

innovative solutions

In mobile application development, it enables the full functionality, and network framework, to evaluate innovative mobile development solutions.

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Instant Business Solutions

We have an expert sales team, always available to provide better and suitable solutions for multiple industries.

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review and comment

Customers all over the world can easily view and comment on services to receive appropriate development information.

How does the app prototyping service work

The application prototyping service helps you to bring your application framework to life, which will be the basis for the next step - MVP development.

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fixed Time

It is possible to spend a year developing a prototype and not submit anything. Lean is not a good idea in the startup world. So we put a limit and a deadline and we get the 1.0 version of the prototype based on our experience + the initial analysis.

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Fixed Price

Prototyping is an iterative process and can consume a lot of money if you don't set a price cap. We don't want to do that. We want predictability of price and therefore of a given price.

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flexible range

Staying on target with goals is important, but reaching is something that will evolve through the process. Since we have the other two terms (constant term and fixed price), we can be flexible with the range.

21 Day Application Prototype Roadmap

week 1

  • Signing a NDA
  • Brainstorming session with the founder
  • Summarization & Validation of idea / wireframes
  • Select "Features" for Prototyping
  • Graphic creation and visual design of prototypes.

week 2

  • Graphic/Visual Finishes
  • Start developing prototypes
  • Constant communication

week 3

  • Prototype Test
  • Submit a prototype

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prototyping application?

Prototyping is the method best understood by the phrase 'simulate before build'. The prototyping step is necessary before designing the application. The idea, features, and functionality are documented and shared with some users to get feedback and get more information about what users want in this app.

Why is application prototyping necessary?

Prototyping apps are a great way to start your dream project because it is part of building a strategy. It's like working on a concept before implementing it. It is a way of knowing the important aspects.

This is a great initiative to save money and time and improve the user experience of the app. You'll know all about the actual product before and after the evaluation and save valuable development time. Cover all application forms in the diagram.

What are the main advantages of application prototyping?

Prototyping applications are like preparing your strategy for analysis before devoting your efforts and skills to actual development.

Its main advantages are:

  • One way to turn your vision into a technological reality.
  • By defining the oceans, you are working inland.
  • Get feedback on your idea.
  • Get the exact scope of your project.
How do application prototyping affect existing scenarios?

There is a growing demand for attractive features and attractive designs in today's application scenarios. App users also choose the most efficient apps. Therefore, to meet these demands through application development, application prototyping helps to speed up the development process. App Prototype provides the right approach to better express your idea. Helps you define your limits on the project.

Is this a permanent solution?

Prototypes become the basis of any new decision in the organization. In the near future, prototyping will become a more complex way to make the leap towards the functionality of ideas.

What about the terms of a non-disclosure agreement?

We usually sign a non-disclosure agreement authorization before starting any project. It remains free for security reasons. We believe in providing ideas to hone our skills. Your idea is yours and you have all rights to it.

How long does it take to build a heavy (complex) prototype?

Prototyping for web and standard applications takes 3-6 weeks. Prototyping for more complex applications takes 8-10 weeks.

What is the cost of prototyping?

It depends on various aspects such as the idea, characteristics and competitiveness of the product in the market. You can quote your idea and once we understand your needs we will calculate the approximate number.

Will the app work on multiple platforms?

If we think of it this way, it can work on many platforms like iOS and Android. However, for most prototypes, one platform, a minimum number of important features, and support for one or two primary devices is sufficient.

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