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As a leading provider in the transportation industry, Softkingo's transportation software development solutions uniquely cater to the industry's need for custom fleet, traffic, parking, dispatch, and car rental management programs.

Optimize your logistics business with customized transportation application development services. Softkingo is your trusted transportation app development company.

  • Delivery on time!
  • Save big development costs!
  • Track and manage the fleet!
  • Dedicated team of logistics application developers!

On-demand Transport Apps

Logistics and transportation require dynamic and real-time mobile apps. Softkingo's comprehensive solutions for on-demand transportation and logistics development enable the automation and development of:

Logistics and courier services

Automate deliveries with our comprehensive courier and logistics solutions.

Transportation Goods & Fleet Management

Centralize your mobility services to optimize costs with our best fleet and transport management solutions

Delivery solutions

The latest on-demand delivery solutions ensure on-time delivery by optimizing delivery methods, global tracking and automated shipping solutions.

Benefits of Transportation Application Development Services

We offer you the benefits that enhance our transportation and logistics application solutions and differentiate you from the competition. Enhance your business with tailor-made online logistics application development services.

Mobile Application

Automation and profitability

Softkingo Logistics and Transportation application services optimize costs and increase efficiency by automating processes.

Mobile Application

Reporting, Analytics and Efficiency

Online logistics applications provide regular and real-time reports to all users based on their roles for better efficiency.

Mobile Application

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options make trading smooth and hassle-free, resulting in an improved return on investment.

Mobile Application

Better Customer Experience

Flawless services and delivery lead to better customer experience and better satisfaction.

Mobile Application

Better supply chain management

Our intelligent transportation and logistics application solutions facilitate efficient management of supply chain, inventory and transportation services.

Mobile Application

Accurate In Real Time Tracking

Our customized, on-demand logistics applications enable accurate, real-time monitoring of vehicles, delivery drivers, transported goods and end customers.

Benefits of Transportation Application Development Services

We offer you the benefits that enhance our transportation and logistics application solutions and differentiate you from the competition. Enhance your business with tailor-made online logistics application development services.

Customers App

Customers app is designed to help customers easily place their food delivery orders by navigating through different restaurants and their menus.

Mobile Application

Sign in

Users can sign up for the app via email/phone or log in via social media.

Mobile Application

User Registration

Users can select the vehicle type based on shipping and booking by entering pickup and delivery locations.

Mobile Application

Real-time monitoring

Users can track their orders or see the estimated time of arrival of the truck.

Mobile Application

Several payment options

Multiple payment integrations for users, such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

Mobile Application

Driver details

Customers can view full driver details such as qualifications and experience.

Mobile Application

rent estimate

Users can view detailed service cost estimates.

Mobile Application

push notifications

Users receive notifications of important activities via email or SMS.

Mobile Application

Comments and reviews

Users can rate their experience with the Services and share comments.

Driver App

A driver app designed with great features and easy to use to accept or decline restaurant delivery orders based on availability.

Mobile Application

Create profile

Drivers can register and create a profile on the app and upload all their documents like license etc.

Mobile Application

Select Vehicle

Drivers can choose to drive the truck/car of their choice. The selected vehicle will appear on the application screen.

Mobile Application

Real-time monitoring

Drivers can set their availability status to receive/accept requests.

Mobile Application


Drivers can see overall directions from the pickup point to the destination.

Mobile Application

In-App Calling

Drivers can directly contact customers using the call and chat feature in the app.

Mobile Application


The application provides multiple language options to facilitate communication for drivers.

Mobile Application

Consignment Details

Drivers can view the shipment to be dispatched and user details before accepting the order.

Mobile Application

income statements

The app allows drivers to keep track of earnings from each ride and commission deduction.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard helps restaurant owners manage the entire delivery process.

Mobile Application

Manage Fleet

The dynamic dashboard allows you to manage thousands of vehicles and their maintenance schedules.

Mobile Application

Manage Users & complaints

Manage user details and track orders. Create invoices, send alerts, respond to your complaints, and more.

Mobile Application

Manage Drivers

Manage the details of all drivers and assign ride or dispatch requests to drivers based on their availability.

Mobile Application

Track Trips

Track and view details of each shipment, real-time location of vehicles, etc.

Mobile Application

Manage Revenues

Monitor and track earned and deducted commissions.

Mobile Application

Manage Subscriptions

Set up and manage weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions to generate revenue.

Mobile Application

Reasons To Choose Softkingo

At Softkingo, you get the best and most powerful mobile apps. Complete applications are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Outperform all your competitions and rise faster with our customizable clone ready app development services. If you really want to move forward towards success, contact us quickly.


We act confidently and ethically according to what we are told and try to match our actions with what we do.


Innovative, high-quality software solutions are provided to exceed customer expectations and set industry standards.

increase security

Rest assured that you partner with us as all your data remains confidential as we strictly follow multi-layered security protocols.

24x7 support

Our developers provide dedicated support even after creating the mobile app to solve technical issues.

Estimate the cost of on-demand transportation application

The cost of creating an on-demand logistics and transportation app is a major concern for a business owner. Softkingo can help you determine an accurate cost estimate as a reliable partner for developing logistics applications. Join us today to discover the true cost of creating a logistics app.

Complexity of features

The type and complexity of the features and functionality of the application.

UI/UX Design

The cost involved in designing an application's user interface.

Application platform

The type of platform you want to build the app for. Android, iOS, or the web.

Technology used

The technology stack used to build the application.

Third-party application integration

Additional frameworks used to improve the features and functionality of the application.

Application maintenance

Post-deployment expenses to maintain the app or upgrade to newer versions.

Application hosting

The cost depends on the type of hosting services you choose for your application.

Application security

App security and spending on security.

Our Case Studies


The most frequently asked questions from our customers, we decided to make a list to make things easier in every way.

What is the cost of developing a transportation application?

The cost of a transfer application depends on two different options that you choose as part of the development. The first option is the pay-as-you-go model, where you can rent the service from our organization. The second option is licensed application development, where our developers will design and build a customized logistics application to service your fleet.

How long will it take to implement your solutions in my business?

We have ready solutions. If you are not looking for specific, exclusive or customized features, we can provide you with the solution within 10-12 working days. It takes an hour to configure the apps with your specific brand and publish them on the App Store and Play Store.

The application development time mainly depends on the following:

  • Application development volume.
  • Advanced features where applicable.
  • Customization if needed.
How long do you provide after sales service?

If you purchase a custom solution form from us, you will receive free support for the first 3 months. If you subscribe to our monthly subscription plan, you will benefit from the assistance for as long as you are told.

Are there any hidden costs besides app development?

There are no hidden fees for applying Transfer On Demand at Softkingo. We explain the development cost to our clients once they choose the type of model for their transportation application. Apart from the development cost, we do not charge any additional fees.

How long does it take to create a transportation app?

As a transportation app development company, it is our responsibility to provide solutions to clients as soon as possible. It takes three to four months to develop the application, but sometimes it depends on the features and complexity.

Can we get a transportation app like Uber Logistics?

Yes, at Softkingo our developers have extensive experience designing and developing transportation applications such as Uber Logistics. Once connected, our Business Development Manager will help you understand the features and design of the app.