Google Penguin Recovery Service

Recover the lost leaderboard!
Recover lost Google rankings with Google recovery services and get your work back. Our link detoxification experts will use proven methods to correct your cookie. We always adopt white hat practices, we have mastered the skills needed to transform search algorithms.

Detoxify SEO with Softkingo

All of our specialists are certified by Link Research Tools (LRT) in the Link Detoxification process.

We have successfully recovered the missing rankings for more than 50 websites.

We only wear healthy white hats.

If you notice a sudden drop in the website and the ranking of your site, you may be affected by the penguin penalties imposed by Google.

Link Detox experts at Softkingo, certified by LinkResearchTools (LRT), offer a proven, results-tested way to get your site to the top of search results. From completely eliminating your website links to identifying any factors that lead to downgrades, Google's recovery services team takes care of every detail you don't need.

Latest Google Penguin update

Google released the first Penguin update in April 2012 to penalize schematic link building exercises, a technique used to manipulate ranking in the SERPs. Since then, Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 3.0 have been launched to target intruders building links and combat Black Hat practices. The latest Penguin 4.0 update, released in September 2016, contains the following benefits:

  • Real-time analysis: Penguin 4.0 algorithm can penalize the practice of building layout links in real-time. Google crawlers can penalize your ranking by indexing your website.
  • Quick effect: You no longer need to wait for a Google update to recover the lost order. You will start seeing the results of our detoxing process in a few days.
  • Penalty for Pages: Previously, the entire site was penalized for "link building traffic". The new update is "grainy," which means certain pages can be penalized while the rest of your website can still benefit from its SERP rankings.

We have always used white hat link building practices to help our clients maintain their SERP rankings. However, we are introducing a detoxing process from the link to help customers recover lost ratings in Google Penguin update.

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Building on the Internet works for your business



Keywords: Up to 30

Meta Optimization: 30 Page



Keywords: Up to 50

Meta Optimization: 50 Page



Keywords: Up to 80

Meta Optimization: 80 Page



Keywords: Upto 150

Meta Optimization: 150 Page

Connect the detoxification process

Compile a complete list of all links pointing to your domain.
To determine if you are following Google's guidelines, manually check each domain.
Contact webmasters on your behalf to remove bad and unnatural links.
Submit the low-quality remaining link to the Google Webmaster Tools disclaimer.
Link detoxing can be very difficult because Google's guidelines are subject to interpretation. What links should you keep and which links do you want? It takes experience to regain positions after the Penguin update and we have a lot of that on TechMagnet.

We have successfully assisted numerous clients such as Koenig Solutions,,,, and many more and have removed the unnatural links and quickly recovered the lost ratings.

Google Penguin Recovery Plan

Link up to 1,000 Detoxifier and Google Discove - $ 200 / 10,000 INR 3-4 weeks
1. Remove a day or two from the updated index of the top 1000 external links
2. Manually check each link / domain within the following periods: 7-10 days
nail. HTTP status of the source URL (the link can be ignored if the source URL is inactive)
B Follow vs. Do Not Follow (Follow links cannot be ignored)
C. Anchor Text (Google recommends a different variant of Anchor Text)
Sequential link in D (this is not good)
1- Crosslinking (links to resource pages / aimed at exchanging backlinks are not good)
F Paid Links (You should not follow any of them)
Link to G. Bad Neighborhood
Connect H with a low quote flow
3. Contact webmasters to remove bad external links (Matt Cuts recommends removing as much as possible before removing old Google search spam pattern) 10-14 days
4. Remove bad external links via google webmaster tools for a day
1. CSV file with list of rejectable links / domains. This file can be downloaded directly to Google Webmaster Tools.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the search engine penalties?

The search engine penalty negatively affects manual review and penalties for updating the search engine algorithm for website search ranking or for following black hat SEO techniques. These penalties can be total (complete un-indexing or restriction of your website) or partial (ranking degradation or some poorly ranked pages).

How do I delete the fine from Google?

You can remove the fine from Google in the following ways:

Remove backlinks from fines with the revocation tool. Follow Google's webmaster guidelines to fix your website. Improve the quality of your content for your users. Once the issues are fixed, review your manual action report in Google Search Control for reconsideration. send a request

Why is keyword stuffing bad?

Keyword stuffing is an old SEO strategy and can lead to penalties or fines. This results in unreadable and unwanted content marked by search engines as spam. Search engine algorithms go to great lengths to rank high-quality content and keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO method

How are backlinks destroyed?

Once you select the backlinks you want on the disk, Disk Utility. You can submit your request here, so that the back link can be cleaned. Be very careful about the links you destroy; If it doesn't work well, it could hurt your SEO.

How to identify and remove bad backlinks?

You can identify and remove bad backlinks with the help of link audits. We recommend that you upload a list of all incoming links to the Google webmaster. You can check it out with a backlink analyzer tool. Create a spreadsheet with phishing links containing spam, examine them and determine which are the most toxic ones that you need to remove or remove.