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As an integrated IoT development company, we help startups and businesses create smart IoT solutions and transform analog products into digital products using IoT platforms, firmware, and sensors.

Connect your business to the development of the Internet of Things

Connected objects are now much more than just consumer products for the smart home. While the increase in user adoption is certainly a good sign for the Internet of Things, what is equally exciting is how it is affecting businesses across industries.

Through digital transformation and the digitization of companies, it is possible to make better use of the data we collect. The Internet of Things, a central part of Industry 4.0, is a tool for capturing information from a large network of touch points, grouping it into a common system, and using it to improve your business.

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Why invest in IoT software development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea of ​​the future: connecting devices to a computer network so that they are “smart” and interconnected. These connections allow us to collect and exchange data, control devices, or set rules for working on devices remotely. The Internet of Things makes life easier for humans in their daily activities.

As this may be the first image people see when they think of the development of the Internet of Things, there is more to it. From manufacturing to logistics, fintech, and healthcare, brands will be using the Internet of Things more than ever before.

Over the next decade, the number of IoT devices deployed around the world will double. Companies that invest in IoT software development can achieve the highest returns, as there are still many untapped opportunities.

Our IoT development services

Our IoT application developers provide services ranging from product concept to continuous IoT development services. We help you build IoT applications that integrate multiple data flows to create potential software products and new capabilities. As a trusted partner for IoT application development, we see security as an integral part of IoT hardware design and application development.

We design and prototype smart IoT devices to help customers test concepts before moving to large-scale development. We use IoT cards and sensors to create hardware prototypes.

We design native and cross-platform mobile apps that facilitate on-the-go access to data captured by smart devices and act as remote controllers for IoT solutions.

We run edge computing on IoT devices instead of traditional cloud computing to ensure lower latency rates and faster data download times.

Build your mobile app with one code or a click, using micro services, native tools, and open source frameworks.

We develop and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gates and sensors) into various IoT and M2M devices.

We help customers configure IoT devices, analyze sensor data with business intelligence tools, manage remote and on-site IoT systems, and view them through responsive dashboards.

We develop custom IoT software that interacts with smart IoT devices and ensures that the software supports hardware functionality seamlessly.

Build your mobile app with one code or a click, using micro services, native tools, and open source frameworks.

For questions, inquiries or quotes related to these requirements, we are happy to provide a free initial consultation.

IoT use cases for our industry

We provide industry-specific IoT software development services to meet customer expectations.

We develop IoT-enabled applications that enable real-time fleet management and increase transportation efficiency for the logistics industry.

  • Road improvement
  • Security, Surveillance and Security
  • Real-time monitoring

We are developing healthcare IoT applications that enable remote monitoring, provide better patient care, and capture important patient information through IoT devices.

  • Data classification and analysis
  • Monitoring and Alerts

We provide development services for smart homes and workplaces, which are changing the way we live.

  • Home access control
  • Device management
  • Measurement of home conditions

We develop IoT applications for retail businesses that help them analyze customer behavior, provide a better in-store shopping experience, and increase their revenue.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve the in-store experience
  • Better inventory tracking

We develop IoT-enabled applications for the manufacturing industry that can streamline the production flow in a manufacturing facility and enable IoT to automatically monitor development cycles and manage warehouse and inventory.

  • Packaging customization
  • Quality control
  • Monitor production flows

Take advantage of IoT systems to monitor the status of crops and fields in real time.

  • Weather watch
  • Greenhouse automation
  • Crop management

The cost of developing the Internet of Things

Similarly, for custom software development, the cost of developing IoT mainly depends on the complexity of your project. To calculate this cost, the IT company will take into account the hourly rate and seniority of the team members selected for the project and will evaluate the duration of the project.

Depending on the company or your preferences, the billing method may include time and materials or a flat rate. The first is a specific approach to product development, because you pay exactly for the work done. This approach is more flexible for changing scope, but can affect delivery time and budget.

The fixed price contract assumes that the range will not change, which puts the risk on the seller.

Frequently Asked Questions 



What is Personal Internet of Things Development?

IoT development is the process of developing IoT products and applications that can be remotely controlled and used to monitor the status or environment of a connected product through external data sources and sensors. The customized Internet of Things is developed to meet the specific needs of businesses.

What IoT development platforms does Softkingo use?

The IoT development platforms used by Softkingo are as follows:

Azure IoT Hub: Azure IoT Hub provides a cloud-hosted back-end solution to connect to virtually any device. It enables highly reliable and scalable communication between IoT devices and applications.

AWS iot core: AWS IoT Core is a platform that enables IoT devices to connect to AWS services, process and interact with data, and protect data. This platform allows applications to interact with devices even when they are not connected to the Internet.

Google Cloud Internet of Things: The Google Cloud IoT platform is a set of tools for connecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data in the cloud and at the edge. The platform includes fully managed cloud services and an integrated software stack for on-premise/edge computing.

ThingWorx: ThingWorx is an Industrial IoT platform designed to rapidly develop Industrial IoT solutions with the ability to move securely from the cloud to the edge. Enables the automation of complex analytical processes.

Does the Internet of Things require Code?

To develop IoT applications, you need to hire software developers. The most widely used languages ​​for IoT software distribution are C, JavaScript, and Python.

What IoT software development services does Softkingo provide?

Here are some of the IoT software development services provided by Softkingo:

Prototyping and hardware design:
Our IoT experts can also prototype smart devices that help customers understand their products before actual development. We use IoT cards and sensors to prototype devices.

Sensor Integration:
Our experts can combine a wide range of sensors into the systems and integrate them into a connected device to detect motion, temperature or the location of an object.

Integrated Software Development:
Our IoT developer team creates embedded systems and firmware to capture data from sensors, integrate smart devices into IoT infrastructure, send it to the cloud, and perform data analysis using the latest computing and resourcefulness technologies.

Mobile app development for connected devices:
We design native and cross-platform mobile applications that facilitate access to data captured by smart IoT devices and act as remote controllers for IoT products.

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