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food delivery

Grigora Food

This well-designed app by our developers makes food delivery quick and easy. You just have to swipe and choose and your favorite meal will be delivered to you in no time. In addition to this, you will be able to find various restaurants with the choice of your food. As soon as the order is placed, you will get a prompt to enter the exact location for the delivery including the estimated time and tracking order in real-time.

In addition to that, the riders app of the Grigora platform provides everything to the riders in order to manage deliveries, receive tasks, navigate the delivery location among other things. Grigora also serves best for the restaurants where they can Manage the menu in an organized place, taking in orders, managing them before preparation, and keeping them on track from pickup to delivery on a single app.


Being a health care system application, nSpire is mainly intended to be used in the USA. nSpire allows you to track your BP, heart rate, and you can commence some warmup and cool-down exercises. Moreover, users can also include their nutrition data, and join social groups, watch videos on how to get fit and manage stress.

This app also helps you earn points for rewards by completing daily routine exercises.

FindTaxi – Taxi Finder

With the introduction of FindTaxi app, people will be assured that the company provides exceptional services. This mobile app version features GPS that automatically finds your location at that moment and you will just have to tap Call the Taxi after typing the destination. In addition to that, it allows you to - filter by service item, review features in order to encourage experienced drivers, and filter out untrained ones.

TIME RNR (Reserve & Rent)

One of the best apps we have designed so far is TIME RNR (Reserve & Run). It is a digital platform that offers services focused on places, things, and people. Moreover, the platform itself uses the latest technology in order to seek customers' needs in full detail and appropriately matches it to the verified professionals.

By using a single app, you will be able to make daily tasks convenient to the user. This awesome application is available on both iOS and Google Play store for free.

Lokahi Fishing

The Lokahi Fishing app which we developed unifies the fishing community in Hawaiian Islands. Moreover, it helps to enhance the clarity of communication between the fishermen and also significantly improves keeping records, and also plays a huge role in informing the community on the issues via cellphone technology.

Talking about the features of this app, then it includes - video insider tips, safety at sea, wind weather tide data feeds, daily catch reports among other things


J.M.Baxi & Co., a leading logistics company established in 1916 for which a corporate website is developed to enhance all logistics business activities. This company offers all shipping support services for customers based in India.


Wellintech is the reputed automation software company in Beijing, China for which a professional website is developed to monitor and control the industrial processes and enhance business growth.