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We live in a world where more than 40% of the planet's population is connected to the Internet and nearly a third of the world owns a smartphone. People are connected more than ever, and this has given companies the unique ability to transform the entire world into a customer base.

the challenge? All other companies try to do the same, with the same audience. The latest front in the battle for growth and profitability is Marketplace, with more than three million different apps, intense competition, and thousands of growing users the opportunity to become paying customers.

That's where App Store or ASO optimization becomes very important.

Why is the ASO important today

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a recent feature in the digital marketing world, and the app marketplace has never before been in this way that it has become possible and necessary for businesses to be secure. Harnessing and using marketing factors. The app is at the top.

At Softkingo, we use marketing factors that improve your app, increase your branding visibility, multiply your download numbers and get you at the top of your category as much as possible.

ASO is not an exact science yet, but we are among those pioneers who work tirelessly to understand the latest possibilities in the world of app SEO.

We find solutions

Improving application searches present unique challenges for companies looking to increase their capabilities. Unlike any other kind of marketplace on the planet, app stores are globally accessible and offer one very streamlined item: a mobile service. Since there is no 'scope' to determine the quality or rating of an application, the ASO relates to this fact:

  • The app market is very competitive, with a total of four million apps available only for Android and iOS users.
  • The analysis is important because sales of the best apps are likely to change drastically within minutes.
  • App Store optimization services are located in a modern expertise area, with technologies and advice that have yet to be discovered.

Our approach to app store optimization

We do our research well - our ASO strategy is based on an understanding of customers, the competitive landscape, and the usability of their applications.

ASO Keyword Research

Of course, we understand that ASO has different approaches in both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The App Store allows up to 100 characters, while the Play Store allows up to 4000 characters to define search results. We use proprietary tools to understand the language and keywords your customers are searching for, what your competitors are targeting, and what will drive the most traffic.

Application title

The most important part of the ASO, which is the app's name or title, should be the balance between uniqueness, branding, and related keywords that lead to search results. We recommend short headlines, followed by vertical dashes or bars, and the choice of keywords for the description.

Description of the application

The app description should be a call to action, clearly describing what the app does, its features, and the reasons why it downloaded. Simple, concise and modern details will guide the download.

Review and evaluation

The most important factor in ranking an app is the volume and quality of reviews and ratings that define ratings and reviews of satisfied customers, whether through invitations or incentives. We help you analyze your current reviews, increase the number of positive sentiment ratings, and utilize reviews to improve your ASO.

Application screenshot

Including screenshots and videos will allow potential users to view and download your app. Showcase the best parts of your app, its most popular pages, and its most important features - it's your show of the world! We love the screenshots Snapchat used; Accurately represents everything the app can do:

The name of the application publisher

The publisher's name and reputation also improve the app's visibility: Choose a publisher name that describes the types of apps you've successfully built. For example, Rovio Entertainment releases the classic Angry Birds game:

Application category

In the iOS App Store, you can choose a primary and secondary category for your app, while in Google Play Store, you can only choose one category. Choosing the right category is very important to achieving success - the one that best suits your application, user mindset, and competitive categories are valid considerations.

Download & Retention

Subsequent downloads, interaction with and retention of the app are the next challenges - a high-quality app is only the first step. Offering incentives, adding customization, soliciting and acting on user feedback, as well as updating the app frequently will add value to the app's life cycle.

Application logo

First impressions matter, and so does your app logo! An eye-catching logo with bright colors, unique shapes, and simple images is an important part of branding your app. For example, take the Instagram logo - it's clear, descriptive, and easily recognizable.

App Store SEO Expert

At Softkingo, we tackle these similar events and challenges together with an experienced team of ASO experts, and we need monitoring and analysis technology to correct and improve every stage of the ASO campaign. Like many other SEO services, app marketing relies on a strict requirement flow:

1. First of all, you need to find your application

This requires in-depth analysis and aggregation of relevant data. Data gathering is a mistake many App Store optimization companies make - we focus on actionable and useful data without clutter.

2. Then you need a sophisticated application page

Once a customer finds your app in the ranking, there are only a few factors that help you decide if your app is right: logo design, preview, description format, and app reviews. This is also where world-class keyword research and app store keyword optimization comes in.

3. Last but not least, you need an external power supply

There are limited ways to limit your visibility, search and ranking through App Store SEO and Google Play SEO; You will need to use some of your marketing resources to market the app through the appropriate marketing channels.

Get started with us now!

2017 saw 50 billion downloads from the Google Play Store. The number has grown steadily and steadily since the app market has become an integral part of the world of online shoppers.

Don't let your business get lost in the hustle and bustle of the app world; Contact us today and guide us to success using advanced and proven ASO technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions about App Store Optimization

What is App store optimization?

Much like SEO, App Store Optimization is the process of improving mobile app visibility in the app store. The larger the app on the app store, the more visible it is to potential customers.

How can I improve my App Store ranking?

There are many ways to improve your ranking in the App Store: search for keywords, choose the correct title, real but attractive description, add a unique icon, screenshots, and videos. Ratings, reviews, frequent updates, and external promotions can also improve your ranking on the App Store.

How can I increase my rating on the App Store?

First of all, great product! You can encourage comments and ratings by remembering and rewarding users. Identify your most engaged users and encourage them to add feedback. Reduce negative reviews. You can also use social media to get comments. Keep improving your product based on all these comments.

How to overload the application?

You can increase app downloads with an app store optimization and a solid mobile app marketing plan. More visibility means more downloads! Promote ratings and reviews by encouraging users. You can also turn on paid promotions in search and view. Spread the news on social media and create an influential or community outreach. Measure, analyze and improve your efforts to get better results.

How can I rank in the Google Play Store?

To rank in the Google Play Store, you must be excellent at keyword research. Use these keywords in title and description. Ratings, Reviews, Downloads, Uninstallation, and Frequency of Use also affect Play Store ratings. Backlinks, promotions, and screenshots may compel the user to download your app.

How can I promote my iPhone app?

You can optimize your target keywords on the app store and create ratings and reviews. Submitting your application to the application review sites will assist you with the initial upgrade and support. Discuss your request via social media, your website, and advertisements. Collaborate with influencers and local audiences and submit your request to directories.