Converting Visual Basic Apps to iOS, Android Mobile Application

Got a Visual Basic (VB) program/application that you want to turn into a mobile app? excellent. Then you are on the perfect page. Because we have a team of iOS and Android developers who can turn your VB software/app into an app. Let's make this point clear here. We don't have a ready converter. To transform your VB software/application, our developers first understand it, the features it provides, and then build a mobile app from scratch. Fully customized mobile application.


  • Having a mobile app allows you to use the app on the go, just about anywhere
  • Converting a VB app into a mobile app increases usability, functionality and feature customization.
  • Since all versions of the VB development environment are now retired and are no longer supported by Microsoft, you can reimagine, revitalize, and recreate your user experience by converting legacy VB applications into mobile applications.
  • VB programs generally run faster on mobile devices
  • You can customize the application with your company's identity or logo
  • If your app is for customers, you can choose to view your app download from the home page of your website.


Converting VB apps to mobile apps has enabled many companies to offer their clients the “wow factor” and their clients the “wow factor” that keeps them coming back again. for example:

What client said about our work:

We had to create an iOS app to calculate gas turbine performance and availability based on user choice. Softkingo has developed an app for iOS with the necessary calculation functions. It offers a simple, fast, versatile, and practical application. It was very comfortable and efficient and required minimal oversight from our side. They were flexible enough to accommodate internal preferences. Internal stakeholders are pleased with the application and the unexpected flow of the application. Independent and adaptable, Softkingo respects seamless collaboration and established practices.

Jordan Corette

Resorts / Spa / Hospitality

The hospitality industry (resorts, spas, etc.) now has the ability to offer its customers the option to book a room or services, order a catering room/service, contact hotel service, housekeeping, pay their bills, etc. Using the VB mobile app.

With tablets installed throughout the property, guests have all the amenities at their fingertips.

This front-end tablet app will be supported by a powerful back-web system which can also be configured to allow you to get in and out of your work in real time.

Retail IndustryeCommerce Industry

For those who work in retail, you can use their VB software to generate invoices and record sales data. By turning the app into a mobile app, it offers users the flexibility of online shopping, self-service, and a loyalty program for loyal customers.

In most cases like this, the app will be free to download, but you will get increased user loyalty and enjoy mobile/online shopping experiences.

Movie theater

Cinemas and theaters use the VB mobile app to book/buy tickets, track availability, publish show times and listings, send special shows to loyal customers, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any tools or software that convert VB apps to Android or iOS apps?

No. We don't have any ready-made solutions or tools to replace your application. We do it from scratch. We convert VB applications to Android using Kotlin, Java and iOS using Swift programming languages. This ensures that your application has all the features and functionality intact and that the end product meets your expectations.

How long does it take to convert a VB application into an application?

The time it takes to convert a VB app into a mobile app that matches the functionality and operating system, such as iOS or Android, that it's being converted to. If the functions are more numerous or too complex, the application conversion time will be longer. Whereas, if it is a basic application with simple functions, the conversion takes less time.

How much does it cost to convert a VB app to a mobile app?

The cost of converting a VB app to a mobile app depends on two main factors: the time required and the operating system (Android or iOS). If the features and functions are more numerous and complex, the time will be longer and the cost will be high. We charge $30 an hour to convert a VB app to a mobile app. You can use this formula to calculate the final cost: total cost = $30 * hour to replace the app.

Why should I hire SoftKingo Technologies to turn my VB application into a mobile application?

We are a leading mobile app development company with experience developing over 500 apps for iOS and Android. We have also converted more than 5 VB apps into mobile apps. We have also signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep your app idea secure with us.

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