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AWS Cloud Computing

Do you want to create your own virtual office and connect with your business anytime and anywhere? Amazon Cloud Services is a major contributor to cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing resources on which to host your applications.

At Softkingo, we offer a complete solution for all your cloud computing needs. “One size never fits all, which is why Amazon AWS developers first understand your business needs and align AWS cutting edge services for you accordingly.

Our AWS development services include

Amazon Cloud Search allows you to manage the search solution for your mobile app or website. Amazon S3 stores large amounts of data, and AWS EC2 helps developers quickly deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

We integrate serverless APIs with the Amazon Web Services API Gateway, allowing customers to focus on their core business. Cloud Watch enables real-time monitoring of AWS resources.

AWS Lambda lets you run code in response to certain events, and AWS Cloud Trail lets you log API calls and send log files to an Amazon S3 container for storage.

Why Choose Us

SoftKingo is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a leader in the implementation of Amazon Web Services. Our team of AWS experts have extensive experience helping businesses take advantage of Amazon Web Services.

To ensure the smooth running of all aspects of your partnership with us, we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager.

We have extensive experience adapting current Internet technologies and practices to the new wave of non-scalable Amazon solutions.

We can configure SQL and non-SQL databases for performance, robustness, and availability.


The Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform allows you to fully manage your network resources.

Our reliable and highly profitable services guarantee you the best return on investment.

Our communication channels are open 24/7 to connect you with the right team of experts to reduce complexity and increase the productivity of your project.

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