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Tips to Speed up the application project process with mobile app development company

Mobile app development has reached incredible levels in recent years. You will continue to do more in the coming years. Many startup owners have ideas to bring their business to the fore, but lack implementation due to advice.

If you are also one of them and hesitate to argue. In this case, mobile app development companies in India will help you implement this idea. You will have full support as you will be able to share your business goals in detail with them.

Do You Know? According to one report, the mobile app economy will reach $6.3 trillion by the end of 2021.
When communicating the idea, you need to focus on the basic approaches to building a better mobile app. I wrote in the blog all the important points of view. By reviewing it, you will get a clear view of how to accelerate app discussions with mobile app development companies in India.

Let’s take a look at the approach discussed with mobile application development companies.

Steps to Accelerate Mobile App Development Company Process

1. State Clearly the Needs and Requirements

The first thing to consider when communicating with mobile app development companies. You must state your intention to develop the application. Explain to them your business needs so that Indian app developers can focus on the essentials.

Letting them know your application needs will make it easier for them to develop the application accordingly. Why is it like this? Because if you do not inform the app developers in India of the requirements at an early stage of the discussion, you can increase the total app development time.

Now you must be wondering what requirements you can pass on to app developers in India. Well, i will share with you the requirements that you can keep in mind when hiring mobile app development companies in India. They are as follows: Let’s take a look.

  1. Do you want to develop applications for employees or consumers?
  2. How many layers of values ​​do you want to include in your application?
  3. About how many platforms you want to run the app on, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, etc.

According to a report, Android and iOS are two of the top platforms that share 99.4% of the market share.

So obviously you need to focus on two platforms, Android and iOS, for app development. You can hire dedicated Android developers to build high-performance Android apps.

2. Determine Project Delivery Deadlines

App development companies in India have to provide discretion so as not to face any delay in bringing the app to market.
You should discuss the timeline with the company to develop the application. Talk to them about all aspects of the mobile app development process and decide to give them an application deadline.
So make sure that before giving the green signal for app development, you give a deadline for the mobile app development company in India.

3. Testing Mobile Apps in Development Stages

While developing mobile apps, you should ensure that Android app developers in India have to do mobile app testing at all stages if you are creating apps on the Android platform. You can also hire top Android developers from the best mobile app development company in India to create efficient and scalable Android apps.

When developing apps for iOS platform, make sure that iOS app developers in India are testing mobile apps at all stages.
Now you might be wondering why do we have to test at all stages because we can test in the last stage of development.

Well, the reason is that if app programmers in India run tests at regular intervals, they can fix bugs and fix other problems. On the other hand, if you audition in the final stages, it will vibrate and increase the time of the cast.

You can also reduce the time it takes to develop an application by automating the testing process, which will also save developer efforts.
Also, you can ask the Android app development company in India to shorten the app release cycle so that you can delegate the functionality of the app and advise the Android developer in India to add or remove functionality.

4. Discuss Progress at Regular Intervals

Staying up to date with project localization also allows application owners to exercise flexibility, if needed, to speed up the application development process.

He notes that mobile application development companies are starting to develop the application at a good pace. However, over time the speed slows down which affects the release date of the app.

What can you do here in such a situation? It would be helpful if you commented regularly on the progress of developing your app. Interacting with them on a regular basis will help developers maintain an optimum pace of development.

Additionally, staying ahead of the ongoing application development process allows developers to work with more flexibility. Therefore, the application speed increases significantly.

5. Think of Your idea for an App

You should think about your idea of ​​an app before you start developing the app. The more you focus on refining the idea and finding uniqueness, the better the results.

So what should you do to think about apps? Well, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when focusing on developing app ideas. First of all, you need to write down all the important features that you want to offer to your customers.

Below I’ve prepared some questions you can consider when working on your app idea.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What business model do your customers follow?
  • How do users want to use this application?
  • Are there really better alternatives?
  • What will your app do that other apps won’t?
  • What is your estimated budget?
  • What languages, frameworks, and technologies will application developers use?

With these questions in mind, you can talk to your mobile app development service providers to get an idea of ​​what they can improve on the app.

By sharing this important potential with a mobile app development and design company, you may not know that the team can come up with groundbreaking ideas. Therefore, the team can help you provide specific functionality of the application.

6. Select the Minimum Applicable Product

If you decide to develop apps, always keep your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in mind. A minimum viable product is a version of a product with enough features that the user can try out and provide feedback to help them decide whether or not they want to continue developing the product.

Now you must be asking yourself why do you need an MVP when you can have a complete product. Well, the reasons why you might want to consider getting an MVP are detailed below.

  • Test market the product using minimal resources
  • Presenting the product to the first customers more quickly
  • Testing the ability of an application developer to create and develop a product.
  • Let investors see the vision behind your app

7. Focus on UX/UI Design

Every app should have an attractive user interface (UI) so that users enjoy using the app, otherwise they will avoid downloading and using it. The user experience is directly proportional to the user interface, which means that if the user interface looks good, the user experience will automatically improve.

Therefore, it would be useful to discuss the user interface design and user experience of the application. UI is simply the user interface that the user uses on the app screen, while UX is the experience the user gets by using the app.
So by now you must have understood that this is a very essential part of the application.
In mobile application development, there are two aspects, namely the back side and the front side. The backend plays an important role because it stores, protects and processes data. On the other hand, the front side is what the user sees and feels.

8. Backend Development of Mobile Applications

Back-end development of mobile applications is an essential part of the application development process, carrying out all the activities performed by the users. Interpret the request and send signals to the front end accordingly. In this way, the user interacts with the application.

The main objective of backend development is to send signals to the front end of a user application. Simply put, creating a backend for mobile devices means sending information to a server on the client side. Thus, you can hire Android app developers to create an Android app backend with highly functional features.

The backend development process includes many things like login, registration, messaging, etc. The back end focuses on storing information so that it can work logically with the front end.

9. Front End Mobile Application Development

Front-end development requires a range of technologies ranging from programming languages ​​to APIs. Many applications can also work with the local database provided by the platform. When it comes to web programming languages ​​for backend development, the best iPhone app developers can use them to create a backend for mobile apps.

If you are creating an app for the native platform, you can use the specific language you provide. For example, major iPhone app developers can use Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, or React Native to develop powerful iOS apps.

On the other hand, major Android developers can use Java, Kotlin, Flutter or React Native to build dynamic Android apps.
Each technology offers unique properties for construction applications. So, make sure to hire the best iPhone app developers in India to take full advantage of the technology to create iOS apps.

10. Developer Application Test

Testing is a common and essential event to achieve better results in any developed application, such as web application or mobile application. Mobile app testing is no exception; Instead, it requires rigorous testing of the developed application to ensure multiple functionality.

For example, if you test the developed application before it is released to the market, you can determine its stability, ease of use, and reliability.

If covered broadly, the test can be classified into two categories. One is manual testing and the other is automated testing. Plus, you don’t have to worry about either of these testing methods, both are great for providing accurate results instead.
Below I have provided the testing methods and steps for the mobile app developer which you can discuss with the mobile app development services company to get maximum productivity from the app.

# Functional Test

Functional tests are performed to check whether the functions of the application are working properly or not. This must be done because each user uses the app in a different way. Most functional tests include:

  • Install and configure the application in all distribution channels
  • Functional and occupational tests
  • Test areas, parameters and areas for customer feedback
  • Potential interference test
  • Proof of material resources needed
  • Testing possible updates for each distribution channel

# Audition

This is an important part of app testing because it will decide whether the app is working based on speculation or not. You can also check the stability of the application’s performance. Most performance tests include:

  • Volume testing to check performance with a large amount of data
  • Download test to check the speed of the application
  • Stability test to check if the app is behaving properly
  • Test the response time of the application
  • Simultaneous testing to see if application performance changes if multiple users are logged in at the same time
  • Test app battery usage to avoid battery drain or memory loss

# Test the Interface and User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the most important part of the application as you need to check whether it will provide an engaging user experience or not. Because if it doesn’t match the user’s point of view, customers will refrain from using the app. You can also contact any iPhone app development company in India for a working iPhone app.

The user interface (UI) should also be reviewed to ensure functionality is accessible. Most user experience and interface tests include:

  • Test the visual and easy navigation of the application
  • Check the consistency of application layout, fonts and icons
  • Test the color scheme, design and overall appearance of the app.

# Security Test

It ensures strong data security, and if you don’t perform security checks, a simple mistake could lead to data leakage. You should also protect the app from hacker threats. Most security tests include:

  • Verify threats and test the credibility of login credentials
  • Investigate any possible appearance that hackers may attack.
  • Look for vulnerabilities in the application to see if they exist

11. Implementation and Maintenance of Applications

After the app is fully developed and tested, your next goal is to start or deploy the app. Here you need to analyze the application errors while testing it. Once you are sure of your development partner, you can give the green signal to start the application.
After the person installs the app, you need to make sure that you don’t uninstall it. For this, you need to keep the general user experience application easy to update the application on multiple platforms.


Since every businessman wants a perfect mobile app, the above tips and criteria to discuss with mobile app development companies in India will help you to develop a robust mobile app.

You can leave an indelible mark on the market with effective mobile applications. You have many examples where applications have benefited from many companies.

So don’t think too much and contact any Android app development company that will help you in creating a dynamic app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should you ask app developers?
There are some real questions to ask yourself when hiring app developers. You can ask them basic questions related to their knowledge, test their knowledge of iOS and Android, ask questions about the experience of learning with new technologies, and finally ask them questions about the apps they have used before. had made.

Q: How viable is your mobile app idea?
You can discuss the feasibility of the application with the application development companies. It will explain everything about the application development process from which you can form a possible idea.

Q: How long does it take to develop a mobile application?
The mobile application development time depends on the complexity of the application, availability of trained developers, and some other factors. It usually takes 6-7 months to fully develop a mobile application.

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