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Everything you need to know about Hotel Reputation Management System – Softkingo

Have you ever thought how easy it would be for hotels to manage their day-to-day activities and online reputation management system with software?

Of course. If you’re a hotel business owner, you would be aware of all the chaos that you deal with every day and how difficult it is to manage all these. Well, quite obvious to the reality that it is possible. 

Online Reputation Management helps hoteliers know how important it is to focus on their management consistently. This can be done by exceeding their score on reviews and improving their feedback process, enhancing their website, and offering guests an unforgettable experience!

As the number of digital users continues to grow across the country and around the globe, It has become essential for hotels to keep an excellent online image. It has resulted in developing ideas and tools such as online reputation management (ORM). Therefore, it’s not surprising that hotel reputation management is increasing in popularity. People turn to reviews of hotels online and reviews on social media for an informed booking decision.

Investing in such software is somewhere costlier for everyone, but definitely, a good decision if used the right source. So, to understand its important uses in your hotel and its must-have features, read the blog till the end. Let’s get started:

How to Track Your Hotel’s Online Reputation?

Nowadays, travellers can use technology that allows them to make decisions about their lodging in a way that is based on the hotel’s online reputation. A good reputation can extend to creating a positive relationship between hotels and their guests; a poor reputation could leave hotels in ruin. This is the way to keep a check on the growth of your ORM on different platforms:

  • Online Ratings and Reviews are highly influential and typically reflect consumer opinions. Reacting to both negative and positive reviews and making intelligent business decisions based on reviews can be proactive measures to take.
  • Social Media Followers and Likes Social media play a crucial role in influencing prospective customers. A good reputation on social media can help you attract more followers and, more importantly, increase sales due to the increase in hotel reservations.
  • Website content and optimization caters to your target public are among the best ways to increase your hotel’s reputation and overall position. That is, provide your visitors with fewer or no reasons to leave your site and not book with your hotel.

These were just a glimpse of the importance of the reputation of any hotel. Besides all these factors and importance, a lot more are there. It depends upon how to use it for the growth of your hotel. 

Why Is Reputation Management Significant For Hotels

It requires a lot of time and effort to create an organization and expand. The services you offer may be great, and you could be pleasing the existing customers, but there’s a vital element that you have to be aware of to help grow your company. 

In the digital age maintaining your company’s reputation online is crucial. Due to the myriad of options available in the marketplace, ORM has become imperative for businesses to study and decide on the reputation of their brands online. A quick search is usually sufficient to determine the brand’s reputation and can be a significant aspect in the decision-making method of booking hotel travellers. A few of the reasons for maintaining a favourable reputation for your hotel online is essential to achieve success are discussed in the following paragraph:

  • It can help increase sales: People search online for services, brands and products before deciding to purchase. Even before going to a location, they rely on online reviews from people who have been there. Companies with positive online reviews are likely to draw more customers. Companies with bad reviews and those that have the most negative reviews cannot make huge sales. This is why your brand needs to get favourable reviews across the web.


  • Helps to attract employees: Reviews draw in customers and are also important to attract employees. Professional staff is the essential element in a successful workforce. An impressive online reputation can result in applications being flooded for open positions.


  • It aids in building credibility: Social media platforms allow us to express and speak out our opinion on anything. People are more likely to choose brands they are confident in. If you have a negative opinion about your company, get out faster than one positive. Also, having no review for your business can indicate unreliability and distrust issues. However, having an effective ORM strategy and dealing with it at the right time will allow you to deal with this.


  • It can help increase visibility: Reviews on the internet, particularly positive ones, offer companies numerous opportunities to boost visibility and influence potential customers. Becoming aware of online reviews isn’t just crucial to managing your hotel’s reputation but also to increase the growth of your business too. Positive reviews also assist in increasing the visibility of the brand, which in turn helps in getting more customers. Although increased traffic may not necessarily mean more room reservations, it can increase the likelihood of increasing occupancy for the hotel rooms.


  • Profit maximization goals are fulfilled: In today’s highly competitive business and market environment, how others perceive your brand’s image can directly impact the revenues and sales of your company. Therefore, it aids in increasing revenue while building a positive reputation.

Must-have Features of Hotel Reputation Management Software

Many software developers and companies are there worldwide that provide hotel reputation management software. But is it that easy to choose the best one among all the available options? Choosing a reliable and trustworthy software provider is important because it will directly impact your business. Make the right choice and give a boost to your business. Here, we’ll be discussing some of the most outstanding and must-have features of hotel reputation management software that you need to remember while selecting the right service provider.

  • Reviews in One Place

Hotels can get feedback from many different platforms, including Google, TripAdvisor, online travel agencies like and Expedia and platforms such as Airbnb. This is why among the top significant attributes the right hotel’s reputation management software could offer is one that lets you gather every piece of online feedback into one spot so that you will be able to find out the opinions of others.

  • Notifications in Real-Time

To manage your online reputation, it is essential to know what’s being discussed and who is saying it. The most effective reputation management software can provide immediate notifications, notifying you to know the moment negative feedback is left to respond while notifying you of positive comments that you could amplify. During delays or urgency, you can damage your reputation more. Therefore notifications speed up the process of intervention.

  • Review Interpretation

One of the biggest advantages of this software is analyzing and interpreting the comments that guests leave. While you could read reviews after reviews, it can be easy to discern any meaning out of the reviews. Most of the time, this kind of data comes from software that analyses reviews and picks out a few of the most frequently used terms and phrases.

  • Feedback Management Options

Knowing the feedback you’ve received from your guests is important, but it is also necessary to act to safeguard your reputation. Certain hotel industry reputation management software can offer extensive options to respond to feedback from customers. For instance, you provide discounts to guests who have a legitimate grievance or a reply to express appreciation to guests for their favourable reviews.

  • Multi-Property Management

A key aspect in hospitality management frequently overlooked by those searching for the most effective software for managing reputation is the capacity in managing the public image for many different properties at once. Manage an investment portfolio of properties or operate the hotel as part of a chain. It could be essential to control the reputation of the individual properties and the overall reputation of the business overall.

  • Competitor Comparisons

If customers decide to read review sites for hotels, they usually look at several reviews. They are also studying your reputation in the environment of how the hotels in your vicinity are getting. Logically, you must also consider your reputation in this same framework. The most effective software can allow you to look at the feedback of your competitors and then evaluate that feedback against your reviews.

  • Performance Reports

In addition, those using software to manage hotel reputations could be accountable to an outside party for reporting, whether it’s an executive at a higher level or an outside business that wants to help you in your efforts to manage your reputation. Therefore, the software you choose to use must have a good reporting system for performance. In addition, a feature permits you to see crucial performance metrics, but the information must be professionally presented.

Once you understand all these features and factors, you’ll be able to make the right choice for Hotel Reputation Management Services. Reach a company that have years of experience and have own good reputation. 

Softkingo, its name itself, suggest who they are, Softkingo is a software development company with years of experience and has developed more than 100 software depending upon the requirement of businesses. The team of softkingo is efficient and talented enough to understand the need of businesses and dynamic changes in the environment. Contacting us for your hotel reputation management software will be 100% worth it and the right choice. Reach us today, and let’s discuss your goals and requirements to help you get custom software. 

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