Our Data Security & Privacy

Data security and confidentiality

At Softkingo, data privacy is held in high esteem. We have great measures to keep your data safe in our app development center.

We fully believe in Edward Snowden's data privacy statement.

Here are some of the ways Softkingo can protect your data

General Security

  • A safe development area prevents unauthorized access
  • Restrictions on the use of unauthorized web tools and software
  • Periodic auditing of information
  • Restrictions on bringing in removable personal media and other peripherals
  • Security personnel monitor the site and screen people and goods entering and leaving the base
  • Our buildings are equipped with fire alarms and fire hydrants.

Internet security

  • User Authentication: Different ACL Policies
  • Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure authenticated access
  • Regular checks for viruses and software updates to the latest versions
  • Isolate information and other service networks.
  • Separate LAN traffic
  • Data encryption via VPN and other channels.
  • LAN monitor
  • SCS in buildings with optimal optical uplink
  • Cisco Secure Network Equipment
  • IP address verification system to ensure regular, unauthorized users access our website

Operational security

  • Our site is a safe and dedicated base for complete daily surveillance.
  • Existence of a physical control system.

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