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Potafo is an online food delivery service based in Calicut. Kerala's love of food drives this work. We bring all restaurants together on one platform that offers a variety of options to customers.




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Project Overview

Potafo, an online food delivery app based in Calicut, Kerala, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the local culinary landscape. This case study delves into the development process, challenges faced, and the ultimate success of Potafo in becoming a culinary powerhouse in the digital domain.

Research Findings

Our systematic investigation of the users and their requirements to add context into the process of designing the user experience. The app employed a variety of techniques and methodologies to uncover issues, tools, and user experience, which revealed valuable information that was ultimately fed in the process of designing.

Purpose of The Project

This project is about a food delivery app that makes it quite simple for the delivery guys to make the service quick and consumers to choose their favorite restaurants with the best meals.

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Sketching for Visual Design

Our perfect sketching took the imagination from the cloud to the UI screen where we thought about the user experience. Whether it is a novice or a pro, both of them will be able to figure out how the app will work in order to get the result. Moreover, the sketching also allows us to visualize screen to screen interaction that the idea is something that is clear in the UI.

App User Interface Design

Our approach to a mobile UI is more graphical and mainly touch sensitive on a smartphone device. Beit a tablet or smartphone that allows the user to interact with the apps of the device functions and content.


As soon as the wireframes were created, we shared them with users in order to clarify the most vital aspects of the application. We uncovered that the major tasks wanted to be able to accomplish without the access to desktops. After that, we fully modified the wireframes based on the feedback as well as the available data we collected during the testing on users.


Our rigorous testing found out that the metrics played a key role in enhancing user experience. Our well designed wireframes make it easy for the users to see what pages their leads are viewing.


Wireframes were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the app. In the phase of ideation created wireframes presented information architecture of the future layout.

Our Approach

Like every product of ours, this product was also developed in multiple stages in order to deliver a smooth and flawless app. We are always inclined to deliver a product that holds an exceptional presence in the market. Different stages involved in the development are as follows:

Market Research & documentation

Get to know our client, Comprehending client’s requirement, and Proposing solution

Wireframing & 
UI Designing

Blueprint structure, Wireframing each screen, and Designing the app

Backend development

Coding the app, Layout main sections, and Client’s feedback

Testing & Go live Marketing

App testing, and 100% bug-free. Get final approval from client, and Deploy(App Launch) to App Stores. Deploy to client’s server, and App available for users

Final Product

We exhibited good teamwork throughout the development process to take this app to the next level. The outcome concisely was a fully functional app loaded with friendliest experience.


We delivered a food ordering and delivery app exceeding the expectations of the client.


The product has been receiving great customer engagement.


Client’s business got high recognition in their locality standing above competitors.

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