At SoftKingo, we believe in implementation and people need a lot of ownership for every implementation.



When people take ownership and give their best, growing organizations like Softkingo may not be able to facilitate the process in a way that makes them satisfied and motivated to produce the best in themselves.

Infrastructure to Communication 

  • 24 hours of email support.
  • Skype / VoIP support.
  • Live meeting using tools like GoToMeeting.
  • Basecamp - The most advanced project collaboration system available today.


  • An upscale development environment.
  • Intel i5 workstation or better has at least 8 GB of RAM and larger screen size.
  • Open systems where direct feedback is welcome
  • Various platforms and projects.
  • A room for conferences and discussions.
  • Ease of projection.
  • Breakfast service.

Any demand or desire to discuss

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