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Personalized Alarm Clock Mobile App Development Project for iOS & Android

Nobody likes to wake up to an alarm that interferes with their sleep. But then the mess your boss is in worse with being late for work. While the warning is necessary and imperative, it should be versatile enough to break the addiction of repetition.

For Australian-based startups, this shared global pain point presented an opportunity for innovation! Find out how we helped them develop a smart snooze alert app with cool features that directly define users’ snooze experience.

Project Description

Our client was looking for a reliable and experienced technical partner to implement the idea of ​​developing a custom alarm clock app. The goal was to create a smart application that provides customization with alarms to effectively manage sleep. In addition, the app will support the end user’s mental well-being by increasing motivation.

Rishabh Software helped develop a smart alarm app with innovative features for preparing, sending, and receiving personal recordings as alarms. The main goal of the activation app development process has been to create a solution for users to effectively manage their sleep time and maintain productivity without problems.sleep clock app development


  • There are no personal mechanisms to help people start their day on a happy note.
  • A tool to break the normal routine and inspire professionals who work in Bali, especially far from their families.
  • An effective pocket treatment to better fight daily stress.
  • Not having practical solutions to manage boredom and move on to a productive day.


sleep clock app developmentOur team woke me up for a warning app development project. An attractive interface has been developed that combines our experience in developing mobile applications using a smart algorithm. It remained bright, cheerful, and pleasant with easy navigation. Through market research and competitive analysis, we have developed an attractive app with the following set of features:

Custom Alarm

  • The tailor sets the alarm by making a personal audio recording
  • Download pictures and enjoy them with a mood boost wake up call
  • Set, save, and delete multiple notifications for important dates/events
  • Save your personal ringtones as personal and practical reminders

Share Personal Messages

  • Send and receive personal recordings as alerts
  • Remind your colleagues about scheduled meetings and team dinners.
  • Let your friends know about the upcoming concerts and happy hours
  • Create a motivational alarm to stop a recurrence
  • Wake up a special message from the family

sleep clock app development


  • Build the ultimate cross-platform experience
  • Engagement increased by 60% thanks to smart features like #wakeme Challenge
  • Unique photo and audio sharing to add a personal touch
  • Register button for quick and easy use

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