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Do you attract hundreds of site visitors, but find that they're not converting into customers or leads? Need to improve the visibility of your website in search engines?

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SEO Package

   Size of Website10 Pages15 Pages20 Pages25 Pages
   Number of Keywords10203040
   No. of Keywords Guaranteed in Top 106121824
   Delivery Time Frame6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months
   On-Page Optimization Activities
   Extensive Website Analysisright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Competitor Analysisright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Extensive Keyword Researchright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Page Speed Analysis & Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Website Structure Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Content Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Meta Tag Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Code Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Image Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Sitemap Implementationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Robot.txt Implementationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Google Analytics Setupright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Webmaster Tools Setupright iconright iconright iconright icon
   RSS Feed Setupright iconright icon
   Off-Page Optimization Activities
   Local Listing Optimizationright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Link building5102030
   SEO Article Creation46810
   Article Creation and Submission20304050
   PR Creation and Distributionright icon124
   Q & A / Blog Posting5102030
   Social Book Marking102550100
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PPC Packages

   Campaign Set up fee (One-off payment)$200.00$400.00$800.00
 Consultation and Setup
   Account Creationright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Website & Goal Analysiswrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   New Campaign Setup103060
   Conversion Tracking Consultation$200.00$400.00$800.00
   Competitive Analysis ReportMonthlyMonthlyFortnightly
 Campaign Optimization
   Keyword Research & Bid Management100020005000
   A/B Testing (Ad Copy)right-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Conversion Trackingwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Revenue Tracking (if applicable)right-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Regional Optimizationright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Ongoing Strategy Developmentright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Ongoing Quality Score AnalysisLimitedLimitedComplete
   Quality Score Comparision ReportSummarySummaryDetailed
 Display Network
   Text Adsright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Image Ads*wrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Video Ads * (if Applicable)$200.00
   Placement Sites Targetingright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Site Exclusion & Optimizationright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Demographic Bidding (if applicable)right-iconsright-iconsright-icons
 Mobile Ad Campaign
   Mobile Campaign Setupwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Mobile Device Targetingwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Mobile Carrier Targetingwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Bid Managementwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
 Remarketing Campaign
   Audience managementright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Remarketing code consultationright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Image Adsright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Bid Managementright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
 Other Activities
   Landing Page Optimization*$50 per page13
   Google Ad Extensions Consultation (if required)right-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Facebook or Linkedin AdsAdditional cost
Additional cost
Additional cost
   Adwords Express (if applicable)right-iconsright-iconsright-icons
 Google Analytics
   Account Setup$50right-iconsright-icons
   Profile Setupright-iconsright-icons
   Advanced Setup Consultationright-iconsright-icons
   Funnel Tracking Consultationright-iconsright-icons
   Analysis & Monitoringright-iconsright-icons
   Intelligence/Alert setupright-iconsright-icons
   E-commerce Tracking SupportAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional Cost
   Weekly Reportright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Monthly Reportright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Advanced Reportswrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
 Customer Support
   Email Supportright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
10,000/ Month
20,000/ Month
40,000/ Month
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SMO Packages

   Recommended Contract Period (Min)*3/mo3/mo3/mo
   Monthly Fee:$250$400$600
   Social Media Promotion 
   Twitter Setupright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Facebook Page Setupwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Facebook FBML Page Creationwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Facebook Posts per month103060
   Youtube Channel Page Setupwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Posts/Tweet per month103060
   Linkedin Page Setupright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Other Web 2.0 Profile Setupwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Social Bookmarking103060
   Review Postings51020
   Question & Answers Postings51020
   Web 2.0 Blogs 
   Web 2.0 Blog Creation246
   Blog Post per month51015
   Web 2.0 Blog Creation246
   Video Promotion 
   Video Optimizationwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Press Release Promotion 
   Keyword Targeted Press Releases Writing2510
   Press Release Submissions103060
   Press Release Bookmarking102040
   SMO Pricing Information 
   Recommended Contract Period (Min)*3/mo3/mo3/mo
   Monthly Fee:$250$400$600
10,000/ Month
20,000/ Month
30,000/ Month

ORM Package

   No.Of Keywords Protected & MonitoredUpto 5Upto 10Upto 15As Required
   Search Positions ProtectedPage 1Page 1-2Page 1-3Page 1-3
   Search Positions Monitored1 to 101 to 201 to 301 to 30
   Delivery Time Frame6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months
Reputation Building
   Google + Profile - Setup & Promotionright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Facebook - Setup & Promotionright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Twitter - Setup & Promotionright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Linked In - Setup & Promotionwrong-iconright iconright iconright icon
   Flickr - Setup & Promotionwrong-iconwrong-iconwrong-iconright icon
   Youtube - Setup & Promotionwrong-iconwrong-iconright iconright icon
   Brand Page In Apsense - Setup & Promotionwrong-iconwrong-iconwrong-iconright icon
   Development Of Micro Sitesright iconwrong-iconright iconright icon
   Social Media Bookmarking20406080
   Setup, Linking & Promotion Of Business Profilesright iconright iconright iconright icon
   Article Writing24610
   Article Submissions10203050
   Article Marketingwrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Press Release Writing1246
   Press Release Submissions5102030
   Blog Setup & Social Commentarywrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Blog Writing1246
   Blog Postings1246
   Blog Promotionright iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Forum Profiles Setup & Social Commentary Campaign5101520
   Forum Site Review With Aged Accountswrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Squidoo Lens Setupwrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Hub Pages Creationwrong-iconright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Yahoo Answers Profile, Setup & Linkingwrong-iconwrong-iconwrong-iconright-icons
   Wikipedia Profile Setup & Linkingwrong-iconwrong-iconwrong-iconright-icons
   Photo Sharingwrong-iconwrong-iconwrong-iconright-icons
   Customer Review Campaignsright-iconsright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Video Promotionwrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
   Video Creations1248
   Video Submissions5102040
   PPT Creation24610
   Slideshare Submissionright-iconsright-iconsright-iconsright-icons
   Guest Blogger Postswrong-iconwrong-iconright-iconsright-icons
Reputation Building
   Monthly Assessment Of Your Current
   Online Reputation As Well As A
   Recommendation Plan To Improve
   Brand Presence, Areas Of Risk
   As Well As Opportunities.
right iconright iconright iconright icon
   Monthly Report And Updates
   Pertaining To Keywords Identified.
right iconright iconright iconright icon
   Google Analysis Reportwrong-iconwrong-iconright iconright icon
   E-Mail/Call/Skype Supportright iconright iconright iconright icon
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes it different from other types of SEO?

Typically, the business needs are stronger than the needs of other small organizations. Your budgets can be quite large, too. Professional SEO differs from other types of SEO because it has multiple purposes like managing traffic, conversions, online reputation, search, etc. A good SEO team will balance these various concerns, prioritize them, and work on a comprehensive strategy, along with fine details. Commercial SEO also requires a focused team that optimizes their niche's performance. Business size and complexity impacts SEO efforts and require a comprehensive strategy.

Why do marketers need professional SEO?

Marketers need SEO to deal with the complexities of large organizations and companies. SEO is a dynamic field and flexible companies will improve their competitiveness. Commercial SEO looks at the big picture as well as the small details. Marketers may have different departments because they need a complete plan for marketing purposes. The amount of content required and the focus accuracy required for effective SEO is also very high; This is nearly impossible to achieve without advanced data, analytics, and a dedicated team.

What can a professional SEO agency do for my website?

A professional, high-quality SEO agency can offer unique benefits for your business. With technical knowledge and certificates, you can automate work at the enterprise level and produce a large number of materials. It can provide an outside perspective as well as industry insight. The external agency will be able to have a clearer overview and manage the conflicting priorities of internal departments. A good business SEO agency is flexible, up-to-date, and able to respond quickly to industry trends and external and internal changes. It also provides advanced analytics, competitive research, and content creation.

How do you face the challenges of SEO for companies?

While every business SEO case is unique, overall, we can tackle business SEO challenges:

Hire an appropriate SEO agency with a proven track record and technical knowledge to get a realistic view of the budget and bandwidth of the current marketing division, facilitate the approval process and make simplified decisions, and reduce silos and various departments via SEO activities. Combine efforts. Ensuring a unified message Maintain a healthy balance between technical SEO and content marketing strengthens the relationship between internal and external resources to reduce conflict and politics, in addition to monitoring the big picture and identifying details of KPIs that best fit your goals and track you. Closely test its long-term scalability and deployment plans and strategies for success

Why is Softkingo the best SEO company for business?
  • Softkingo has a proven track record in SEO for clients, with keyword portfolios working with thousands and millions of viewers every day.
  • We have a matrix, content-based approach that allows us to understand your target audience, analyze your competitors, and create the right content.
  • Our highly trained SEO team is excellent at searching and has decades of experience discovering what makes SEO work We are long-term partners and invest in your success.
  • We are a leading full-service agency in the industry.